Current Bible Study


Our current study is a BOOK CLUB Study titled The Best Yes.

This is a six week reading plan digging into Our Best Yes.

People Pleasing/Decision Making/Time Management

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This time the Book Club Packet is also free! 

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—For the Book Club you will need a copy of The Best Yes by Lysa TerKeurst —



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Hey friend, 


I wonder if you ever struggle with having an overwhelmed schedule…but you fall into bed at night feeling empty. You run around and do and do and do…but your heart just longs for something more. Do you have trouble making decisions? Maybe you have stress over decisions because you don’t think you have time to do something, but you do it because you feel guilty or you want to please someone? 


Ugh. Tell me I’m not the only one? 


A while back I read a book that changed my perspective on making decisions. It made me really think about how I was spending my time. Made me think about what I said “yes” to.  It transformed the way I thought about how I was spending my energy. 


This book was called The Best Yes by Lysa Terkeurst. Maybe you’ve heard of it.  Maybe you’ve even read it. 


I would like to invite you to read it with me during the first ever GIGW BOOK CLUB! 


Why a Book Club? 

Here at Learning Little Lessons, my vision is to equip you to get into God’s Word, so you can pour into your people. The team and I create Bible Reading Plans to put the tools in your hands. I share the little lessons (and even big ones) that I’ve been learning, on the blog and the podcast. I share the books I love over on my instagram. 


A GIGW BOOK CLUB is going to be something completely different than we’ve ever done before… A perfect mix of all of the things that I am passionate about (except for Salted Caramel Hot Chocolate, of course ☕️ LOL )


Along with the Bible Reading Plan you’ve come to expect from us at GIGW, we will be reading the book together.  


What do you get when you join the Book Club? 


When you join the Book Club we equip you with: 

  • A Bible Reading Plan
  • A Book Reading Plan (we will read 3 chapters a week, very doable 😉) 
  • Reflection questions to allow you to dig deeper on Fridays 
  • Monday Meetup with other friends that are reading it each week. During the Monday Meetup (held on Zoom), I’ll play a short 10-15 minute video recording recapping the chapters we’ve read the previous week. Then we will have time, as a group, to share what we are learning. Community!
  • Access to the Monday Meetup Video recording so you can watch it if you weren’t able to attend. 


Why should you join us? 


I could list all the promises the book will give you — It’s full of so much wisdom, tucked in a well crafted and fun read. But you can read the book on your own. So I think you should join our GIGW Book Club for accountability, community, and friendship. 


I recently read through a book about motherhood with my homeschool co-op moms. It was powerful. Not because of the book we read, although yes, that helped a TON. But because of the conversation it provided.  The community, the “me too” realizations, and the friendships we formed. The book is almost finished, but the community, the conversations we had will go on in our memories for a long time.


Let’s dig in beside friends. Let’s tackle this topic of people pleasing, time management, and decision making together. 


How can you join? 


It’s simple. 


Download the Book Club Packet. Everything you need will be in there. Your Bible Reading Plan, Book Reading Plan, and weekly reflection questions. 


Each Monday the morning email will include a link to the Monday Meetup, join us at 3pm Eastern. If you can’t make it to the Meetup, there will also be a link in the email so you can watch the Weekly Recap Video on your own time. 


What if you don’t want to join the Book Club? 

Bummer. Lol 

But it’s ok!  😉 


That’s simple too. 


You can download the Bible Reading Plan. It is just like all the other Bible Reading Plans we’ve offered you in the past. (Well, new design, thanks to our graphic manager, Ellie 💗) You can follow along with the Bible Reading and disregard all the Book Club chatter. 


Nitty Gritty Details? 


The study starts on November 1st (NEXT WEEK).

It is a six week plan.

The Reading Plan will be finished on December 10th.

The last Monday Meetup will be on Monday, December 13th.