Filling up on Jesus

Jesus is the only thing in this life that can truly satisfy. He is the only thing that can fill our cups up to overflowing. So learning how to get Jesus into our life everyday is crucial.


This area of the website is dedicated to equip you to do just that!  Through Girls In God’s Word Bible Study you will get the following tools:

  • Free Bible Reading Plans
  • InDepth Bible Studies
  • Community Groups


Bible Study Reading Plans

Darcy and Trudie have been creating reading plans for over five years via Girls In God’s Word and then Hello Jesus Co. These reading plans are the CORE resource we use here. They cover many different topics, books of the Bible, and people. When you follow one of our reading plans you have about 5-10 verses/day to read. Then there is one verse to TAP. The reading plans are designed for a five day a week study.

What is TAP? Good question!

TAP is a simple journaling method for studying the Bible. It’s an acronym —

T= Truth: simply write the verse.

A= Application/Action: write anything you learned from the verse, or an action you can take to put the Word into action.

P= Prayer: write a prayer. It can be things on your heart or about what you learned. Be sure to include a thank you for the Words you read. 😉

Getting access to the free reading plans is simple — Just join the Subscriber list!  Each time we start a new study we will send you the reading plan for free!  In addition, each Monday during the study we will send you that week’s reading and a little introduction to get you started on the week!

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Learn about our current study HERE.


InDepth Study

The InDepth Studies include the reading plans, the TAP version, but then they add another level. We include a short devotional on the topic of the reading for the day and several thought-provoking questions.


The InDepth Studies will be found in the store a few weeks before each new study begins. You will be able to purchase a downloadable file to print out yourself at home or to use on a digital reader, or you can purchase a physical copy of the InDepth study on Amazon.


Find those HERE



Community is important, especially one built around a common goal of filling up on Jesus! The reading plans and InDepth Studies are designed to be used inside community in two ways:

  • Small groups: typically this is you asking around and getting 3-4 friends to study with you. Each weekday one person from the group takes a turn sharing what she learned during her quiet time that morning.  Since the studies are designed for a five day week a group of 5 friends is the perfect number! Email, texting group, or WhatsApp all are great ways to do this communication.


  • Girls In God’s Word Study group: Currently this group “meets” through the GroupMe app. It’s a group of random gals from all over the country that chat about the studies. No one has set days, everyone just adds thoughts as they have them. Elizabeth (Liz) is the group leader. She is awesome at community and mentoring. Let us know you want to join the group HERE:



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 – About Our Name –

 In 2016 I started a website called Girls in God’s Word. In 2018 the study got moved to Hello Jesus Co where Darcy Schock took care of it. In 2021, I took care of the Bible Studies back and added it to my website, Learning Little Lessons… but people loved the Girls In God’s Word name (I did too) so the Bible Study is lovingly dubbed Girls In God’s Word. Find us on Instagram under that name!
Emails from me will still say Learning Little Lessons… just know, we are the same thing 😉




 – Meet the Team –


Trudie Schar


Trudie Schar is a follower of Jesus.  She’s married to her high school sweetheart and called mama by four girls. In 2016 she followed God’s call and founded Girls in God’s Word website. She is passionate about helping women grow in their faith, encouraging women to just start digging into the Bible.  She loves to help women dispel the lies that devotions have to look a certain way and that it is an item to do and just check off the list. Trudie prays that her words always point women to strengthening their relationship with Jesus. She loves a good salted-caramel hot cocoa and quiet moments spent writing.


Ashley Hartzler


Ashley Hartzler is a daughter of the Most High King. Originally a farm girl from northwest Iowa, she met her hubby in the milking parlor one summer evening, and the rest, as they say, is history. They have now been married eleven years, live in northwest Ohio, and have two little boys. Ashley nerds out over grammar and learning more about the Word. She loves planting flowers, listening to podcasts, and enjoying a good scone with coffee.


Ellie Gramm


Ellie is a recovering sinner living everyday by the grace of God. She loves getting to know other women and hearing their stories. She is so thankful for the endless love of Christ and tries to live her life acknowledging that all people were fearfully and wonderfully made by the Sovereign Creator.  She has been married for almost 9 years and has a 5-year-old son. She also works part time as a teacher in a Christian preschool where she loves to teach kiddos about Jesus. Her other interests include coffee, nature, and fiction


Elizabeth Robinson


Liz has been married to Mike for 33 years! They’ve been blessed with 5 children and 4 grandchildren, with more on the way.
Liz enjoys flower gardening, cooking and baking and volunteering.
She has a heart for encouraging others with the word of God and sharing the gospel in every day life.
She believes starting your day with Jesus and coffee is perfect.

– Meet the Contributing Writers –


Angie Figel


I live with my husband of 24 years in the tiny town of Sardis, Ohio, in the middle of the sticks (and I mean the sticks!), but this is where Jesus found me, and I found Jesus, and He is the love of my life. I am so overwhelmed with emotion as I learn about Him in the Word of God! I learn something amazing every time I read it, and I love to share what I learn about Him with you! It’s not just about learning, it’s about believing every word, and knowing it applies to each one of us! There is a great adventure in following Him, and it is one I will never regret.


Cynthia Stoller


Cynthia Stoller lives in Tennessee with her husband and nine children. She loves God’s Word, nature, gardening, and playing the piano. She considers it a pleasure to have the opportunity to write Bible studies for Girls In God’s Word. 


Darcy Schock


Darcy Schock has been married seven years to her high school sweetheart and has two daughters. She is passionate about sharing gospel centered truth with other women to uplift and encourage them in their daily walk. She loves books and dreams one day of filling a room full of books complete with a ladder. She has learned to deeply enjoy the simple things like a good cup of coffee, a walk, and drinking in the beauty in every moment.


Sue Weaver


Sue, introverted at heart, loves to stay at home with her family. She’s married to her best friend Steven, and together they parent and homeschool four children. She is a freelancer for various publications, and blogs and writes a weekly column for her local paper, both titled Just Plain Mom. She loves to learn about Jesus, reading to her children, writing encouraging articles for other moms, and savoring chocolate. 



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