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Our Fall 2022 Study, is a Reading Plan pointing you to verses to help you dig into Spiritual Gifts. Join us for this four week study, starting October 3rd.

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Do you wonder if you are leaving any lasting impression on anyone?

As a Christian woman, whether you are a mother, grandmother, aunt, cousin, or friend, you are walking through this world, making a difference. It is wise to recognize your influence and grab the opportunities God gives you to touch lives along the way. 

Wait! You say you’re none of those things? You are not a mother or grandmother? Do you have nobody in your life? You would not even call yourself a Christian? If you are walking through this world, you are making a difference. Your positive or negative behavior affects others. 

We are each born into different circumstances, no question about that. Some are raised in loving homes; others have had a difficult and painful childhood. One thing for sure: parents make mistakes. Kids mess up. Every family has secrets. Even normal-looking people, people you imagine have perfect lives, have something they don’t want to be exposed. 

This Bible study is not about your past but your present and future. You may have work to do to overcome issues that have negatively affected your life. Do that work! Pray for healing. You can live the life you want people to respect and follow. No matter who we are or where we are in life, we impact the lives of people around us!

I pray this study will help you see your value and inspire you to go forward with a new look at how you can grow solid relationships and leave a legacy of love after you have passed on.

Our Fall 2022 study is here…

Leaving Your Legacy — It is a Bible Reading Plan & InDepth written by Judy Knobloch. During this study we are going to look at some commons questions about what we are passing on to others around us.


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Meet the author — Judy Knobloch

Judy Knobloch is a mother, grandmother, and great-grandmother. She and her husband David have recently made a concerted effort to simplify their lives, minimize their belongings, and downsize their living space. They have moved to a small apartment in Gridley, Illinois, where Judy spends her time reading, writing, and investing her time and energy in her family and friends. 

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