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Join us for our next study; the Why Her Book Club – a study on not measuring up.

Our Summer 2022 Study, is a Book Club on the book titled ”Why Her” by Nicki Koziarz. Looking into the story of Leah & Rachel we will dig into the topic of comparison.

Join us for this six week study, starting August 8th.

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Have you ever been that girl? Looking at someone and thinking… why her?

Why her and why not me.

Me too, me too.

I had a friend once, everything was rosey. Everything was perfect. Her side hustle was bustling, her kids were also perfect, her instagram followers engaged and growing. I could not stand it. Everything about her life was perfect. To top it off, I could see my life, and it wasn’t perfect. This ate at me daily. Daily. I finally came to the conclusion she had it all together because she doesn’t homeschool. 

And then she did. And she rocked it. 

I had nothing left. But a “Why Her?” Why could she manage all that I was and rock it so well? How could she manage all that she was and still be so happy? 

In the middle of this way too-long-struggle I read the book “Why Her” by Nicki Koziarz. 

Wow!  It was just what I needed.

Satan was having a HAYDAY with my mind. Jealousy, comparing, and coming up short had been a part of my everyday. Why Her helped me sort out the truth from the lies. And see my sin for what it was, SIN, and what it was doing to me. 

Have you ever been that girl? Looking at someone and thinking… why her? 

  • Her house is so pretty, why is mine always such a mess?
  • How can she afford to drive that kind of car?
  • How does she keep it all together and do everything gracefully? 
  • How come her side hustle grows and mine is not? 
  • Why is her instagram is perfect, look how many followers, look how perfect her kids pictures are, their homeschool is so creative….

Why Her? Why her and why NOT me? 

If you have ever been there. . . I have the perfect thing for you!

Our Summer 2022 study is here…

Why Her Book Club — Includes a Bible Reading Plan & Book Club packet written by Trudie based on the book ”Why Her” by Nicki Koziarz. During this study we are going to look at the story of Leah & Rachel in Genesis. Together we will dig into the Six Truths about comparing:

  • You need to be honest
  • See it like it really is
  • You don’t always have to be okay
  • You didn’t do anything wrong
  • Her gain is not your loss
  • Let the success of others encourage, not discourage you

The Book Club Packet

Do you have more than five minutes to study the Bible? Ready to dig into the story of Leah & Ruth and read the Why Her book with us?

Grab a free printable copy of the book club packet. Be sure to order a book! Together those two include everything you need to join us!

Here is what you will get inside the Book Club Packet:

  • Bible Reading Plan
  • Book Reading Plan (we read 2 chapters a week, very doable 😉)
  • Reflection questions to allow you to dig deeper on Fridays
  • Journaling pages to write your weekly reflection thoughts
  • Study wrap-up page

Are you ready to study?

Be sure you grab a copy of the Book… Why Her by Nicki Koziarz

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Meet the author of the Book Club Packet — Trudie Schar

I’m Trudie; Worshiper of God, wife, mommy, homeschooler, and writer. Over 16 years ago or so, I married my high school sweetheart, Ethan.  We have 4 girls, whom I homeschool. As a family, we love camping, helping others, and trying new foods together.

I’m an introvert. INFJ fits me to the T. I feel most alive when I’m writing. A coffee shop surrounded by people I don’t have to talk to, with my Bible, a salted Carmel Hot Cocoa, and my journal is one of my favorite places to be. 

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