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  • Peeking Into Prayer | 3 week study

    By peeking into the prayers throughout the Bible, I believe we will learn several things:
    • The stories behind prayer warriors in the Bible.
    • That the struggles they were dealing with are ones we still deal with today.
    • That prayer does have great purpose.
    Of course, each day we will have some verses for you to read and one verse for you to TAP. In the in-depth study plan we will dig into each prayer a little deeper and answer some questions. Then last of all there is a prayer prompt.
    Each day we find these people praying for a different purpose. So each day our prayer prompt will be similar to the purpose of those old prayers! We have a special download highlighting those prayer prompts, or you can simply check the in-depth study each day.


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  • Rooted Study | 8 week study

    Growing in trust in the one who sustains us despite life’s distractions, discouragements, and sorrows:
    This study started out as a pursuit of my own personal questions like:
    •Where is Jesus in my struggles?
    •Why do I keep messing up even though I have access to Jesus’s strength?
    •How do I maintain that deep connection and intimacy with Jesus amidst the distractions and burdens of life?
    I am thankful for all God has taught me and I pray this study can be an incredible blessing in your life as well!


  • Siblings | 8 week study

    In this study we look into the many different sibling groups in the Bible. By watching these siblings, we will learn how to be a better sibling in our own lives.  I believe we will see several things:
    1. Mistakes they made that we don’t have to follow
    2. Methods that they used to mend their relationships and how we can do likewise
    3. Milestones that these sibling groups met as they learned to love like Jesus


    This Indepth Study also has a KIDS InDepth version. (When you purchase the Indepth you get the pdf for both kids and adults)

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  • The Best Yes Book Club | 6 week study


    I wonder if you ever struggle with having an overwhelmed schedule…but you fall into bed at night feeling empty. You run around and do and do and do…but your heart just longs for something more. Do you have trouble making decisions? Maybe you have stress over decisions because you don’t think you have time to do something, but you do it because you feel guilty or you want to please someone?


    Ugh. Tell me I’m not the only one?


    A while back I read a book that changed my perspective on making decisions. It made me really think about how I was spending my time. Made me think about what I said “yes” to.  It transformed the way I thought about how I was spending my energy.


    This book was called The Best Yes by Lysa Terkeurst. Maybe you’ve heard of it.  Maybe you’ve even read it.


    I would like to invite you to read the book with me during the first ever GIGW BOOK CLUB!


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  • The Book of Ruth | 7 week study


    Have you ever looked at your life and wondered if there was a way for God to make it right? Have you ever looked into the future and not been able to see a path through the sorrow and pain? 

    I believe we all have those seasons. Cough, cough. Does this sound like 2020 | 2021? 

    Okay, so we are about to begin a new year. 2022. Do you believe it will all be fixed? Do you think you will see redemption of the situations you are going through in this new year? 

    I hope so. YET. We are not guaranteed that, are we? The physical stuff we go through may not be redeemed until we get to heaven. But, spiritually, we have a Redeemer, Jesus. Spiritually, we can live redeemed even though our outward body is weak and tired. 

    Are you tired looking at the outward circumstances? If so, this is the perfect study for you!  

    Ruth had circumstances that could have stopped her in her tracks, but she didn’t stop. She just kept doing the next right thing. Through this study, the author, Abbie, has done a wonderful job of bringing the story of Ruth to life. 

    By doing the study of Ruth with us you will: 

    • Learn the details of the culture, the history, and the events leading up to the life of Ruth
    • Hear stories of where Ruth found herself stuck in
    • Be inspired by the beautiful spirit that Ruth did everything with
    • See a picture of Jesus’ Redemption story woven into the story of Ruth
    • Be reminded you can find redemption even when things look bleak. 

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    The Book of RUTH; a Story of Redemption (affilate link)

  • The Fruit of the Spirit | 6 week study


    We’ve memorized the list, and we think they sound lovely (or logical, depending on your personality,) but do we consider what the Fruit of the Spirit is supposed to mean to us and how it affects our lives? The coming weeks will be filled with juicy descriptions, flavorful applications, tart truths, and seeds of insight! We will search Scripture seeking example and instruction to be more conscious of the Holy Spirit and intentionally pursue the fruit of the Spirit in our lives, and thus naturally walk in God’s direction.


    Or purchase a Physical Copy of the Companion Journal on Amazon: THE FRUIT OF THE SPIRIT 

  • Why Her Book Club | 6 week study


    Have you ever been that girl? Looking at someone and thinking.. why her and why NOT me?

    Me too, me too.

    I had a friend once, everything was rosey. Everything was perfect. Her job was bustling, her kids were perfect, her instagram followers engaged and growing. I could not stand it. Everything about her life was perfect. To top it off, I could see my life, and it wasn’t perfect. This ate at me daily. Daily.

    I finally came to the conclusion — she had it all together because she doesn’t homeschool her kids.

    And then she started homeschooling. And she rocked it.

    I had nothing left. But a “Why Her?” Why could she manage all that I was trying to do but she rocked it so well? How could she manage all that she was and everything be so perfect?

    In the middle of this way-too-long-struggle I read the book “Why Her” by Nicki Koziarz.

    Wow!  It was just what I needed.

    Satan was having a HAYDAY with my mind. Jealousy, comparing, and coming up short had been a part of my everyday. Why Her helped me sort out the truth from the lies. And see my sin for what it was, SIN, and what it was doing to me.

    Have you ever been that girl? Looking at someone and thinking…why her?

    • Her house is so pretty, why is mine always such a mess?
    • How can she afford to drive that kind of car?
    • How does she keep it all together and do everything gracefully?
    • How come her side hustle grows and mine is not?
    • Why is her instagram is perfect, look how many followers, look how perfect her kids pictures are, their homeschool is so creative…

    Why Her? Why her and why NOT me?

    If you have ever been there. . . I have the perfect thing for you!

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