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So you can freely pour out to your people
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Trudie Schar

Hey hey, Friend! I’m glad you stopped by!

When I met Jesus, I began dreaming about a place like this.

I began dreaming of place to help women get into God’s Word and find relationship with Jesus for themselves. I began dreaming about a place that offered Reading Plans and Bible Studies that were doable for any stage of life. I began dreaming about a place that would help women get excited about learning who Jesus is.

This is website is that dream come true.

I hope you take a look around and find some tools that help you fill up on Jesus. That’s my goal — equip you to fill up on Jesus, so you can pour out (in abundance) to the people in your life.

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What we offer

Bible Studies

Our studies cover many different topics, books of the Bible, and people.

Our Reading Plans & Indepth Studies are designed for a five day a week study. Each day you have about 5-10 verses to read. Then there is one verse to TAP.

The InDepth includes a short devotional and several thought-provoking questions. The Reading Plans are just that, a simple plan of what to read in the Bible.

What is TAP? Good question!

Book Clubs

Book Clubs are perfect mix of all of the things that I am passionate about — the Bible, books, and friends. (It’s only missing a Salted Caramel Hot Chocolate, of course LOL)

When you join the Book Club we equip you with a Bible Reading & book reading plan, reflection questions & a weekly quote, Monday Meetups & community, and video & audio bonuses.

Books & Devotionals

I’ve written or co-authored several books. Check them out.

Rescue — A Homeschool Mom’s Devotional

Women of the Christmas Story — From a Broken Life to an Instrument of Hope

The Fruit of the Spirit is… A resource for digging into the Fruit of the Spirit

TAP Journal

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