I’d love to equip you to

Fill up on Jesus

Jesus is the only thing in this life that can truly satisfy.  He is the only thing that can fill our cups up to overflowing. Filling up on Jesus everyday is the key to having enough left over to serve the people around us.

This area of the website is dedicated to equip you to do just that!

Reading Plans

These reading plans are the CORE resource we use here. They cover many different topics, books of the Bible, and people. When you follow one of our reading plans you have about 5-10 verses/day to read. Then there is one verse to TAP. The reading plans are designed for a five day a week study.

What is TAP? Good question! TAP is a method for journaling a Reading Plan.

  • T= Truth (write the Verse)
  • A=Action/application (write what you learned from the reading)
  • P= Prayer (write a prayer)

InDepth Study

The InDepth Studies include the reading plans, the TAP verse, space to journal your TAP, a short devotional, and several thought-provoking questions for each day.

You can purchase a downloadable file to print yourself or purchase a soft back book of the study on Amazon.


Community is important, especially one built around a common goal of filling up on Jesus! The reading plans and InDepth Studies are designed to be used inside community in two ways:

  • Small groups: typically this is you asking around and getting 3-4 friends to study with you. Each weekday one person from the group takes a turn sharing what she learned during her quiet time that morning.  Since the studies are designed for a five day week a group of 5 friends is the perfect number! Email, texting group, or even on OUR APP are all great ways ladies have found to do this communication.
  • Liz’s Study group: Currently this group “meets” through the messaging inside our APP! It’s a group of random gals from all over the country that chat about the studies. No one has set days, everyone just adds thoughts as they have them. Elizabeth (Liz) is the group leader. She is awesome at community and mentoring.
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Getting access to the free reading plans is simple — Just join the Subscriber list!  Each time we start a new study we will send you the reading plan for free!  In addition, each Monday during the study we will send you that week’s reading and a little introduction to get you started on the week!