Your Free Bible Reading Plans are here! This spring we are offering – Peeking Into Prayer

Join us for this three-week study, starting May 15th.

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How is your prayer life?

Do you ever get stuck in your prayer life? Sometimes we can’t think of what to pray about, other times we have too much to pray about and it looks overwhelming. Still other times, our hearts are so grieved we can’t find the words to pray. I think we’ve all been there. 

In this study we are going to take a “peek” into the prayers said in the Bible. We are going to peek into a variety of different types of prayers from very unique people.

Each day we will see a different purpose to the prayer we peak in on. Together, we will dig into that purpose and you will have a prompt to get you praying

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Peeking Into Prayers — Includes a Bible Reading Plan & a companion journal written by Trudie Schar. By peeking into the prayers throughout the Bible, I believe we will learn several things:

  • The stories behind prayer warriors in the Bible.
  • That the struggles they were dealing with are ones we still deal with today.
  • That prayer does have great purpose. 

Of course, each day we will have some verses for you to read and one verse for you to TAP. In the companion journal we will dig into each prayer a little deeper and answer some questions. Then last of all there is a prayer prompt. 

Each day we find these people praying for a different purpose. So each day our prayer prompt will be similar to the purpose of those old prayers!


The Companion Journal

Are you ready to take the study a bit deeper?

Awesome! This companion journal is the perfect way to do just that! Be sure to grab your copy – we have two options to offer you a beautiful 8×10 soft cover book, (pictured below) or we also offer you a digital version of the same thing.

Having a copy of this companion journal is the best way to get the most out of this new Reading Plan!

Here is what you will get inside the Companion Journal:

  • Bible Reading Plan & space to Journal your TAP verse
  • A short daily devotional written by the author
  • Thought-provoking questions to equip you to apply the lessons to your own life
  • Bonus Prayer prompts for each day!

Are you ready to study?

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