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Our Spring 2022 Study, is a Reading Plan pointing you to verses to help you dig into Spiritual Gifts. Join us for this six week study, starting April 4th.

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Have you ever wondered why God made you a certain way? Why you like some things, but not others? Why you look different than the sister next to you?

Me too, me too.

As a young Christian I just did the things I thought everyone was supposed to do. I was interested in the things I thought I was supposed to be interested in. For me this looked like having company, cooking a fancy meal, setting a fancy table, and serving a snack in the evening. All the while talking about who was related to who.

Or taking a meal to someone. Or taking pies for a church meal.

Now there is NOTHING wrong with any of that. But If you know me, that’s not exactly who I was created to be. That is not my thing. That can look like stress and disaster for my family. Because none of this comes naturally for me.

But for so long I just did it, I thought that’s just what a Christian was to do.

Over the years I’ve learned:

  • It’s ok to look different than the next girl
  • It was ok to take a step back and really think about what excites me, and what drags me down
  • It’s ok to be honest about and lean into my spiritual gifts.

Knowing these things doesn’t mean I never do a meal at my house, (I do, it just looks more like pizza and paper plates 😉) It doesn’t mean I never take a pie to church, (I have and my girls help me.) It doesn’t mean I never take a meal to someone (I do, again it looks like pizza delivery 😉)

But I spend the majority of my {free}time on the things that excite me. On the things that God has placed in my heart as my gifts, my desires, my talents. And the key to all this was learning about how God created me. A big part of that has been Tapping Into My Spiritual Gifts!

Do you know your spiritual gifts?

I used to think it was a selfish, prideful thing to think about it. However that is FAR from the truth!  

Think about your kitchen, if you know what ingredients you have on hand, you are able to make the correct decisions about what to plan for supper that evening. 
When you know what gifts God has given you, you are able to really lean into using those gifts to bring God glory. 

So friend, join us as we dig in and study Spiritual Gifts.

Our Spring 2022 study is here…

Tapping Into Our Spiritual Gifts — It is a Bible Reading Plan written by Trudie. During this study we are going to look at some commons questions about Spirutal Gifts and dig into the Bible to learn the answers.  Together we will dig into questions like:

  • Who gave us our gifts/talents/abilities?
  • What are the different gifts?
  • Where do you see gifts being used?
  • What needs to be present in order for us to use our gifts to the best ability
  • WHY we need to use them?
  • What does everyday life look like when we are using our gifts?

April 4th

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Let’s get ready to dig into Spiritual Gifts!

How do you want to study?

To make it convenient for you we offer several ways and forms of the Reading Plan.

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  • Want to include your kids? We offer a kids journal. Part of the TAP verse is included in a fill in the blank form (KJV) and each day gives your kids a place to journal their TAP thoughts.

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