Join us for our next study; Heart Happy Book Club

Our Winter 2023 Reading Plan is here!! We will be reading the Bible, (like always) and alongside it reading the book “Heart Happy” by Tricia Goyer.

Join us for this six-week study, starting January 9th.

Download the free reading plan here. (Use the passcode found in your email.)

How is your heart?

A year ago the nurse at ER told me I had blood clots in my lungs. Since then several things have changed. It stole so many things from me. Strength, energy, ability to do like I used to. Some days emotions overwhelmed me. The whole process sucked the energy, excitement, and joy from me. At about the one-year mark I felt better, physically. But this cloud hung over my head. A cloud that I didn’t know how to get rid of.

Have you found yourself in a cloud, a fog of sorts?

Stepping back I realized I was focused on the negative, not the things to be thankful for. The problems not the power. The chaos not God.

You too?

Friend, what got you out of focus? What has knocked you down? What has stolen your happy?

Covid? Loss of someone special to you? Change?

This book HEART HAPPY, by Tricia Goyer will change your perspective. This book is written for your heart, for this exact moment.

  • Remind you of what God did for you
  • Fill you with ways to stay centered on God through the chaos 
  • Point you to practical tips on how to find Heart Happy again

I think it’s time to get out of the cloud/daze that covid, hurt, loss, sorrow, chaos…has put us in. It’s time to refocus. It’s time to get Heart Happy. Are you in?

Our Winter 2023 study is here…

Heart Happy Book Club — Includes a Bible Reading Plan & Book Club packet written by Trudie based on the book ”Heart Happy” by Tricia Goyer. Together spend six weeks learning about our hearts:

  • What is Heart Happy?
  • Soul Care First
  • Surrender
  • Your True Value in God’s Eyes
  • Compasion & Resilience
  • Our Own Worst Enemy

The Book Club Packet

Are ready to dig into Heart Happy by Tricia Goyer?

Awesome! First grab a copy of the book! Then be sure to download your free printable copy of the book club packet. Together, these two give you everything you need to join the book club!

Here is what you will get inside the Book Club Packet:

  • Bible Reading Plan
  • Book Reading Plan (we read 2 chapters a week, very doable 😉)
  • Reflection questions to allow you to dig deeper on Fridays
  • Journaling pages to write your weekly reflection thoughts
  • Study wrap-up page

Are you ready to study?

To make it convenient for you there are two links for ordering the book. You can order it in the shop or on Amazon Prime. (Amazon link is an affiliate, nothing changes for you, I just have to legally tell you that 😉)

Next be sure to grab the free download of your choice — Reading Plan only or the Book Club Packet! (Password is in your weekly email)

Meet the author of the Heart Happy Book — Tricia Goyer

Tricia is a homeschooling mom of ten, including seven by adoption, Tricia is also a grandmother of four and wife to John. She has written over 85 books!

Check out all the books she’s written and learn more about her at

Meet the author of the Book Club Packet — Trudie Schar

I’m Trudie; Worshiper of God, wife, mommy, homeschooler, and writer. Over 16 years ago or so, I married my high school sweetheart, Ethan.  We have 4 girls, whom I homeschool. As a family, we love camping, helping others, and trying new foods together.

I’m an introvert. INFJ fits me to the T. I feel most alive when I’m writing. A coffee shop surrounded by people I don’t have to talk to, with my Bible, a salted Carmel Hot Cocoa, and my journal is one of my favorite places to be. 

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