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Rescue; a Homeschool Mom’s Devotional.

No matter what kind of homeschooling you are doing this year… pandemic schooling, homeschooling, or a little of both you will need a rescue — here is a little devotional book that I created to point you to the homeschool mom’s rescue — Jesus. 


I know how hard homeschooling is. It can be lonely, tiring, and draining. 

Oh, how I wish I could have had someone beside me cheering me on throughout the years. Someone to remind me that my kids were sweet. That it’s ok if it was hard. And that Jesus will make a way. How I wish I had someone pointing me back to the Bible. Someone there each morning, meeting with me, before I faced another day. Someone to help me stop feeling so alone.

I needed a rescue.


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I created this devotional to be a rescue for you. A lifeguard ring being thrown out as a reminder to keep going and that you are not alone. A map to navigate through the hard. A compass to point you to Jesus.  A friend beside you as you deal with the traps that homeschool moms fall into. 

I have invited my friends to join me in putting together a devotional book just for you. Each day we will:

  • remind you that you are not alone
  • point you to Truth, Jesus, and the Bible
  • refocus your eyes on the big picture (your children’s hearts) rather than the crayons, laundry, and dust around you

Together we will point you to The Rescue, Jesus!

Rescue includes 140 devotions, designed to be a 3-5 minute read. Each day includes a Bible verse, prayer, and an additional reference for further reading. This devotional is a perfect mix of practical tips, deep thoughts, encouragement, laugher, and lessons.

I am excited and honored to have the following guest writers joining me on this project:

Charlotte-Anne B. Allen

Nancy Beach 

Sue Bione

Phyllis Keith Boles 

Cindy Coppa 

Chantal Dube

Karen Geiser 

Debbie Gibson

Jessica Heinlen 

Tandy Sue Hogate

Kira Jahn

Tecia Jane

Cheryl Kischuk

Angel Lambert

Jodi Leman

Sarah Lindsay

Tara Maxheimer 

Ashley Moore

Brittney Morris

Melody Plessinger

Danielle Hope Poorman 

Darcy Schock

Barb Schwind

Stephanie H. Short

Tabatha Slater

Cynthia Stoller

Toni Studer

Jodie Wolfe 

 Together we bring years and years worth of homeschool experience.


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3 reviews for *Rescue; daily devotional

  1. Sue Weaver

    I love Rescue!!! I am a homeschooling mom of four, and it’s so easy to get caught up in checking boxes instead of enjoying the time I have with my children. Rescue is just the refreshment that I need to get back where God wants me to be!

  2. Kellie

    This is an incredible devotional that has been both encouraging and gently rebuking. Each devotion is written to guide us to our Rescuer, Jesus. We cannot give our kids what they need without Him. Highly recommend this devotional for both new and seasoned homeschool moms!

  3. M36Daisy

    M36Daisy Reveiw on Amazon
    So Relatable and Encouraging
    Reviewed in the United States on April 7, 2021
    Verified Purchase
    Great devotions that are very relatable. These made me laugh, nodd and even wipe a tear or two. I found this devotional so encouraging, I’ll turn back to it again and again.

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