My BookShelf

Just picture a cozy chair sitting by a big wall of windows overlooking a mountain view. A small side table is set near the chair with a steaming cup of salted Carmel hot cocoa and a yummy scone beside it. On one of the walls is a cute desk surrounded by bookshelves/drawers. Sitting off to one side of the desk is an adorable turquoise typewriter. Above the desk hangs a large picture of our family. Of course, a beautiful journal lies open at the desk with a sharp pencil. A Bible is near, open to the last thing I was reading.

And then. There are bookshelves. Two walls of them. Ceiling to floor. The bookshelves are filled with friends. Words that have helped me through hard things. Words that have helped me learn many things. Words that have helped form me into who I am today.

Unfortunately this room is only in my dreams. . . But someday right?!  For now my book room is found in my bedroom closet. Books are more important than clothes cough cough. But someday. . . 😉

I’d love to invite you into my book room to have a look at the precious books on my bookshelf…unfortunately that’s not possible, so here’s the next best thing to it.

My BookShelf

Books that have helped me find healing

Books for dreamers

Books for MOMS

Books for marriage

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