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  • *Rescue; daily devotional


    Rescue; a Homeschool Mom’s Devotional.

    No matter what kind of homeschooling you are doing this year… pandemic schooling, homeschooling, or a little of both you will need a rescue — here is a little devotional book that I created to point you to the homeschool mom’s rescue — Jesus. 
  • Adorned Book Club | 8 week study


    The Gospel

    I know we know the Gospel. The Good News of Jesus. Salvation, forgiveness, redemption. But do you think about living the Gospel in your everyday life? Do you what it would look like to live it out?

    I love the book Adorned by Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth. Nancy shows through scripture, story, and practical tips how to LIVE out the Gospel.

    This is not a book for entertainment — this is a very in-depth look at the scripture in Titus 2. We will cover:

    • Doctrine
    • Aging Beautifully
    • Teaching and Learning
    • Slander, liberty, self-control, purity
    • Cultivating our homes
    • Loving our man
    • Embracing motherhood
    • Being kind

    I think the messages inside this book have the power to point us to a better way of living. Living together, with older and younger Christian women.

    You will need a copy of the book Adorned by Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth in order to do this book club — You can purchase a copy of the book HERE.

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  • Moses; a man with a purpose | 10 week study

    This study will bring us through the life of Moses and his calling. This is a 10 week study that will dive into what our bigger purpose is based off of principles in Moses’s life. We will learn about how Moses handled tough things while pursuing his calling and how we can too!


    The outline is as follows:
    Week One: Born into bondage – Jesus had a plan. Moses’s Story was for God’s Glory


    Week Two: The questions of Moses. The answers of God


    Week Three: Beginning the to walk out his calling


    Week Four: Life in Egypt


    Week Five: Leaving Egypt/ Not a Happily ever after story


    Week 6: First year in the dessert
    Week 7: Moses meeting God


    Week 8: Building the Tabernacle and moving on


    Week 9: Last tests and rebellion


    Week 10: Moses’s journey is finished



    This is a digital download. 
    If you want to purchase the Physical Copy of the Study on Amazon:

    Moses: A Man Living for a Bigger Purpose