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  • Psalm 18 | 6 week study

    Each day we are in a fight, aren’t we? Not like David fighting Saul, but with Satan.
    With Jesus, we can find deliverance. With God on our side, we can be victorious. Like David, we can sing this song of deliverance.
  • Psalm 27 | 4 Week Study


    “The Lord is my light and my salvation… whom shall I fear”.

    Psalm 27 starts out with the well-known and beautiful verse. Tucked further inside this precious Psalm are promises and verses of comfort. This study not only reads through the entire Psalm, but also includes similar verses found throughout the Bible.

  • Pursuing Peace | 3 week study

    Have you ever just thought… if this and this happened, oh my life would be so peaceful. If I just could get along with my siblings, if I could just have a bigger house, if I could just get a different job, If I could just get married, If I could just have more time, more money, another child, If I could just be older, younger, THINNER.
    Then. I. Would. Arrive. I would be there. I would have peace.
    I’ve thought that. I struggle with that. :/
    I wish I could just sit across the coffee table with you, look you in the eye, and tell you the truth. PEACE DOES NOT Come from circumstances. Peace is not found in having the perfect house, family, bank account. Peace is NOT found in Perfect! So, dear Sister, let’s learn about pursing peace in Jesus.
  • Romans 12 | 6 week study

    O the depth of the riches both of the wisdom and knowledge of God! how unsearchable are his judgments, and his ways past finding out!  For who hath known the mind of the Lord? or who hath been his counsellor?  Or who hath first given to him, and it shall be recompensed unto him again?  For of him, and through him, and to him, are all things: to whom be glory for ever. Amen. Romans 11:33-36
    This is the best place to start the Romans 12 study. Think of the depth of God’s wisdom and knowledge! Think of how high His ways are above ours! Who knows His mind? Who counsels Him? …. and then we get to verse 36; For of Him, and through HIM, and to HIM are ALL things!!  To Him be the glory for ever!!
    When we KNOW all these things about God, when we know
    • how deep His wisdom and knowledge is
    • how amazing He is
    • His mind, his counselors
    When we realize how EVERY.THING comes from Him and exists by His power and is intended for his glory; then that stirs inside us a desire to live a Romans 12 inspired life.
    It’s as though God says ‘If you KNOW who I really am and how everything exists because of me, THEN I beseech you to present your bodies as a living sacrifice, to God.
    And that dear Sister is JUST our reasonable service.
  • Romans 12 Coloring Cards


    When you purchase the Romans 12 Scripture Coloring Cards you will receive a PDF booklet to download. In this PDF booklet you receive a beautiful packet of 30 spring florals to color with verses from Romans 12. Two cards will come per PDF page. These are perfect for you to journal, color, and study the Bible with!  When you are finished It is a great keepsake to be scattered around the house to remind you of truth throughout the day!

  • Rooted Study | 8 week study

    Growing in trust in the one who sustains us despite life’s distractions, discouragements, and sorrows:
    This study started out as a pursuit of my own personal questions like:
    •Where is Jesus in my struggles?
    •Why do I keep messing up even though I have access to Jesus’s strength?
    •How do I maintain that deep connection and intimacy with Jesus amidst the distractions and burdens of life?
    I am thankful for all God has taught me and I pray this study can be an incredible blessing in your life as well!


  • Scripture Coloring Cards — Blank


    These coloring cards were from the Romans 12 study, however these cards come with no scriptures. These are perfect for coloring then writing your own verses from a different study.

    When you purchase these Coloring Cards you will receive a PDF booklet to download. In this PDF booklet you receive a beautiful packet of spring florals to color. Two cards will come per PDF page. These are perfect for you to journal, color, and study the Bible with!  When you are finished It is a great keepsake to be scattered around the house to remind you of truth throughout the day!

  • Siblings | 8 week study

    In this study we look into the many different sibling groups in the Bible. By watching these siblings, we will learn how to be a better sibling in our own lives.  I believe we will see several things:
    1. Mistakes they made that we don’t have to follow
    2. Methods that they used to mend their relationships and how we can do likewise
    3. Milestones that these sibling groups met as they learned to love like Jesus


    This Indepth Study also has a KIDS InDepth version. (When you purchase the Indepth you get the pdf for both kids and adults)

    Purchase the Physical Copy of the Study on Amazon:


  • Simply Being | 6 week study

    Just Simply Being… not rushing around and doing. No, just Being. We will start out the study with the example of Mary… sitting at the feet of Jesus. Simply Being.
    Each week we have an element of ‘Being’ we will dig into deeper.
    • Be still & listen.
    • Be content & trust.
    • Be present & offer your-self.
    • Be willing & serve.
    • Be thankful & praise.
    • Be watching & ready.
  • Spirit to the Churches | 2 week study

    The churches that John wrote about were actual, real live, churches during that time. Though those churches do not specifically exist during our day today, we can still learn plenty from them!
    Each of the days we will dig into one of the seven churches.  We will read
    • what the churches were succeeding at
    • what they were lacking in
    At the end of each church, John reminds us of what will be waiting for the overcomer.  Glimpses of Heaven!
  • Spiritual Gifts | 6 week study

    Do you ever wonder what your Spiritual Gifts are? Or maybe you know what they are but want to dive deeper into how to use them or what they look like in the body of Christ. When you purchase this topical reading plan you will dive into:
    • How to approach Spiritual Gifts with the right mindset
    • Who gives us Spiritual Gifts
    • How to find your gifts
    • What do Spiritual Gifts look like in the Body of Christ
    • How to best use our gifts
    • The importance of using our gifts
    • What does everyday look like when we use our Spiritual Gifts
    You can find blog posts around this topic here. There is also a blog post with a list of some Spiritual gifts as well as a link to take a quiz to determine yours.
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