A Friendship Study


What is a Friend? was designed for Trudie’s girls to do a Summer Bible Study with their cousins and friends… this study is perfect for Tween | Teen girls.

This study is designed to be a four week – 5 day a week study. It includes the following:

  • Reading Plan Bible Verses to Read
  • One Bible Verse to Journal & key in on (TAP verse)
  • A Theme to Think On
  • Two Questions to get the Child thinking
  • One Question to Help them Apply the Lesson for the day
  • Weekly Re-cap page to help the Lessons Stick

The Study is beautifully designed — One page per study day, giving them a space to write their thoughts right as they learn.


This is a digital product. You can purchase and print the 28 page document for each person doing the study. Please purchase one copy per household.


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