There was an Empty Girl

Jesus was on a trip and had an important meeting with an empty, desperate Girl.
Empty, because she must not have been able to find what she had been looking for years.

What what she looking for? The perfect guy? Her happily ever after story? Not sure. She sure showed some signs that she was empty. She arrived to the well around noon. No woman wanted to come to the well at noon. Why was she there? The women typically would draw water in the cool of the day. Together. Not alone.


This empty girl, she was there in the hottest part of the day. Alone.


Why was she avoiding the other women?
Have you ever been in the that mind frame of not wanting to see a single person? You say to yourself ‘I’m just going to quick run in and grab what I need. And please, oh please, I don’t want to see anyone I know!’ {of course, this is always when you see someone who wants to chat! Lol}
We might do it because we are still in our paint clothes. Or maybe we are a stay at home mom who hasn’t had a shower in a while.
This empty girl had reasons bigger than that.
She was lonely, hurt, sad and certainly avoiding others.


How surprised this Empty Girl was when Jesus spoke to her! She knew He was a Jew. She could tell. He knew she was a Samaritian. He could tell.
Actually, He knew her inside and out. All of her. Her ugly past, and her helpless present.


He asked a question. ‘Will you give me a drink?’


She begins to list off reasons why she couldn’t {an excuse, surprise!} ‘You are a Jew. I am a Samaritan. Why are you asking me for a drink?’
How can you even stand me enough to ask such a question?


How many times does Jesus ask us to go somewhere or do something and we list off all the reasons why it wont work. . .


These relationships aren’t working.
There are all these physical problems that make it impossible.
My wishes for an easy life, circle around in my head.
The drama that is going on around us clutters our mind.
The things that God has laid on our heart for future dreams our taking our eyes off the present day.


Embarrassing, but true. I’ve shared my excuse list with God many times.


I say, “I am empty, Lord.  I don’t even have enough inside me, for myself.  How will this ever work? Don’t you know who I am? I’m just a mom. I’m worn out. I’m not in the popular circle. How can you ask little ole me to give you something? Why are you asking me for more? Can’t you see I have nothing left for myself?”


Friend, I know whatever stage of life you are in Jesus is there asking you to pour out and give more of yourself to someone. . .  Your kids, your co-workers, friends, family, spouse. Jesus Himself. Someone. Someone is asking you for a bit of your time, your energy, yourself.


One day years ago, Jesus said these words to the Empty Girl. He was asking her to pour more out of her empty, broken cup. He was calling her to something big, a realtionship with Him. And it looked impossible. Jesus’ words to her are the same words He says to us Empty Girls today:
“I know all about your ugly past. Your faults and failures. Your sad endings. Your weakness. I know you are searching for something to fill you up.


The time is here.
If you would just ask me. I will give you Living Water.
You will never thirst again. In fact this Living Water will be a spring bubbling up inside you!
I am the one you are longing for.
I am here to fill you up.”



Will you lift up your empty cup to Him? He is faithful to fill it to the brim and overflowing. Giving you grace to do the very things He calls you to.


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