Is God Still Good?

A dear friend of mine lost her mom yesterday.
Her story is not mine to tell. But watching her life the last few years I am filled with the question. . . Is God still good?

Is God still good when our hearts are breaking? When the sorrow is too much for us to bear?

Another dear friend lost her dad last week.
They were young parents. They were young to be left without parents.

It all happened sooner than it should have.

Is God still good?

I was on a plane last year… asking myself this very question. Is God still good?

That day on the plane I had a sweet little girl on my heart. She was very very sick. It’s a miracle she survived what she went thru. As the good updates came thru via facebook people would say “Praise God!” And “God is good!”

But what about the bad updates? The hard news… the losses.
The question on my mind over and over again . . . What if the outcome is not the way we wanted it to be . . . Is God still good?

That day on the plane I sat by a woman that coughed. A lot. She had a face mask that she put on at times. I was worried, I mean the airplane is a great place to ummm be really close to someone and pass germs.  We started talking. She said she was headed home from Mayo Clinic, after chemo treatments.
There is no question in my mind that God had a plan for our paths to cross. I asked her… “Is God still good?”
Without any hesitation said “Yes, God is still good!”

She led an overseas mission. She was struggling with cancer. She was traveling from one end of the country to another in order to get treatment. She was looking at the possible end of her life, one that she had spent serving others.
Yet she still could say “Yes, God is still good”
Really? My heart was full of questions. “Why God? Why her? She has been on fire for You. She has served you and spent her whole life dedicated to you, why her?”

And yet my airplane buddy still said “Yes, God is still good”
She went on to tell me her cancer was bringing God glory. Over and over she said it.  “It doesn’t matter what happens to me as long as it brings God Glory”

But that’s not all. She went on to tell me a little story. She couldn’t share all the details because the case was still in the courtroom, but in the story a little girl was murdered. A mama was left in deep, deep sorrow.

My heart cries out…is God still good?

A little girl lost her life because another family member mudered her.

How could God still be good?
With her weak voice, my airplane buddy, went on to tell the story. She told a story of this mama being in such deep grief and needed to get away from the states, so she went on a mission trip with my sweet airplane buddy.

The grieving mama was changed. She met Jesus on that trip. She came back ready to use her huge and wealthy business to help my airplane buddy’s ministry. She had found purpose beyond the sorrow she felt so badly.
My cancer-fighting, weak voiced, coughing airplane buddy could say. “He always works it for good. Because God is good”

I wonder where that airplane lady is? I sure wouldn’t be surprised if her time on earth is done and her mission ministry has a new leader. I wouldn’t be surprised if that grieving mama that met Jesus on a mission trip was the new leader of the mission ministry.

Wouldn’t that be just like our good God, to turn all that nasty mudered child story around into something beautiful like that?

God transforms our hard, sad stories

to grow us and bring Him more glory.

As our hearts are so filled with sadness today… May we cling tightly to this promise. May we watch with eyes to see what He has planned.

Because, Friend, God is always Good.

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  1. Wow Trudy what a compelling story! I love to read about people who can rise above their personal challenges in order to bring glory to God, it’s something I aspire to do! Thanks for sharing sweet sister! ?❤️

    1. Dawn, I’d say you are doing just that! You are bringing God SO much glory through your challenges. I’ve learned so much from you! Love you my friend!

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