Working All Night

Simon had worked hard ALL night and had not caught a single fish. Now Jesus asked Him to do something he knew— in his fisherman’s brain — was clearly impossible. . . Throw in the net one more time. Simon said “Master we have worked all night and haven’t caught a anything”


Have you ever said something similar to God? “God, I’ve been going to counseling sessions for years. I’ve been trying to homeschool for years. I’ve been trying to clean my house all day. I’ve been up with my kids all night. . . “


I’ve worked so HARD! And you ask me to try one more time. Can’t I just give up?
I don’t know, maybe it’s just me… but I feel like I want to give up often. That time I was trying for a year to work thru forgiving that person that hurt me … but forgiveness just wouldn’t come. When our remodeling projects on our “ugly house” wouldn’t get done. When our homeschool fell apart. When the literary agent said I wasn’t popular enough to write a book. . . I’m tempted to just quit trying.


Simon had worked hard all night and he had caught nothing. Yet Jesus said to try one more time and Simon said “Because you say so, I will let down the net”
He threw in the net one more time. He caught fish, yes, but that’s not all! He finally SAW Jesus for who He was; the Son of God! Simon’s eyes were open! Praise God He threw in the net one.more.time.
Friend. Jesus wants me to throw the net in one more time.  He wants YOU to throw the net in one more time. One more year of counseling, try that one last homeschool method you said you’d never do, give grace to that person that annoys you. . . Maybe its not about the result of catching fish at all. . . Maybe it’s the miracle of seeing Jesus for who He really is. A miracle worker.
Let’s whisper “Jesus, because You say so, I will let down the nets.”


p.s Have you listened to Monday’s podcast? We talked about cleaning nets and fishing for men. Take a listen here.

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  1. This one spoke directly to my heart! Too often I feel like giving up- you know, like: I’m just done. But this inspired me. I will continue being patient with my teenager’s wacky hormones, and my two-year-old’s crankiness. lol. I love the podcasts- way to shine for Jesus!

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