Do It Right Away

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I don’t know about you, but my house can go from good condition to disaster in about 10 minutes flat.  How does it happen so fast?  I’m still not sure how.
Here’s one thing I’ve been learning recently.  Do things right away.
Here’s what I find; ‘Little Tot’ is in my ingredient drawer again. I’m on my way to take clothes to someone so I don’t take time to stop it right away.  I continue with what I’m doing and come back.  Little Tot has poured a scoop or two of baking powder on the floor, the salt container is completely emptied. I close up the baking powder and put it back. I also see the flour is still out from breakfast so I get that put away too. As I do that, in one minutes time Little Tot has started to spread the floor with the powder.  Not only is it spread out but now she walks away and of course little baking power footprints follow her. Seconds later she is on the island spreading her baking powder love to the countertop.
I used to just go with the flow. Clean up as I could. Now I’m getting wiser. (Why didn’t someone tell me this?)
Think with me, what would have happened if I would have done it right away?  As I first saw her in the ingredient drawer and stopped her.  Ya she wouldn’t have been entertained for those 5 minutes. However, I would not have 15 minute mess to clean up.
Think of the dishes, how long does lunch last when the dishes are still at the table at supper time?  How easy is it to clean up the mud boots and coats as the kids come in for a muddle puddle party, rather than letting them spread it all over the house first?  How long does it take to mop up the spilled lemonade the right way the first time rather than waiting till people step in it and spread it around.  What about the games that the kids drag out?

I could list hundreds of things just like that.  What am I learning from all this?

 Do it right away.

The mess doesn’t get as big.

Here is the thing: God is teaching me this lesson applies the same with life issues.  We need to tell someone we are sorry; Do it right away.  We need to tell someone we can’t help them for the day, because we have prior commitments; do it right away.  We need forgive someone; do it right away.  We tell someone we will pray for them; do it right away. We need to talk out our child’s actions with them; do it right away.  We feel God’s spirit telling us to text someone; do it right away.
Just like the messes at my house, things do not always get easier with time. Some do. Usually messes are not in that category.  Putting off things we dread, putting off things we struggle with, putting off doing what God has asked us to; does not make it easier. It a lot of ways it just drags the mess around the house.
Just like my baking powder.
Your turn- What are some things you dread and put off?  Does the ‘mess’ get better as time passes?


Lord, help us stop avoiding our messes. The physical messes; dishes, toys and baking powder and more importantly the spiritual messes; apologizing, forgiving and telling the truth.  Give us strength to deal with both messes as quickly as we can to avoid it from getting bigger.

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    1. Yes, so often I think maybe it will get easier to deal with the mess later. Wrong!! It usually gets worse. Especially if Little Tot is involved lol.

      Thanks for stopping by Marsha, my friend 🙂 Trudie

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