Rethinking Rejection



The deep sadness overwhelmed my heart. “God, why, oh why?” I whispered. That sharp pain was back again. The wound that I thought had healed had reopened; bleeding like when it was first made.

Years ago, I had dealt with this wound. I thought it was healed, but sometimes this deep hurt surprises me. It doesn’t matter where the hurt stemmed from this time; it always looks the same.

All the feelings came flooding back; pain, rejection, sorrow, loneliness, deep sadness. Loss for what might have been. Longing for the emptiness in my heart to be filled. 

Satan began to whisper lies into my ear again.


You are not good enough.” “
You will never be the person God wants you to be.” “
You will never get over it.” “
You will never get anywhere with forgiving this time. 
Why do you even try?” “You keep coming back to this same pain. 
Nothing works.” 
“You are a failure.”



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