Driving Unprepared


The other day (pre-covid-19) I was running a quick errand. It was just a couple miles away, not a big deal. But it was winter. Like the dead of winter type cold out. 


As I headed back toward home, I got to thinking about what I was wearing. Socks, no shoes, the light hoodie that I wear in the house, and no coat. I also do not believe I had my phone with me at the time. 


As I looked around at my snowy surroundings I had to think “Wow, I am not prepared!” 


I was not prepared for a flat tire, engine failure, or empty fuel tank. We drive a reliable vehicle (thank you God). Yet, I realized, I was also unprepared for an accident.  Deer in the road, another car crossing the median, or my own error. 


I was unprepared to be out of my car and in the elements for more than a minute. 


Its kinda stupid really. My laziness was clear to me. Why not take the 2 minutes to don a coat and shoes in order to be better prepared? 


Then a wave of thoughts overcame me. .. what if someone else would need help? I was certainly ill-equipped to help anyone alongside the road. 


I know, I know, when is the last time I’ve ever had to stop along that road? In fact, since we moved here 5 years ago; I’m not sure that I’ve ever had reason to stop and get out of my vehicle. Yet, this got my thinking. 


What about in life? Am I prepared? Am I ready for what life is going to bring me. Like emotionally equipped? 


And THEN. Am I ready to help the people beside me? 


What does being prepared look like? 


Healthy for one. As the chance of covid came closer I had to think, how are my lungs? How healthy am I? Would my lungs be prepared to fight this off. In fact, when is the last time I’ve really exercised? Lol. 


Finically, is it ok if we live off half pay for a month? Would we be prepared for that? 


What about emotionally?  Am I prepared to sift through the stuff that is going to emotionally come up? This emotional part ties very closely to health; Hormone, chemical, and diet balances are key for being able to emotionally handle what’s thrown at you. 


How are we doing? Were we prepared for Covid-19? Or are we struggling extra because we didn’t take the time to care for ourselves before 2020? 


We didn’t know it before but this time there was something on the road. Something we needed to be ready for. Something we needed to stop for. 


Yesterday on the LearningLittleLessons podcast, I chatted about disappointments. It’s hit me, I can’t just keep shoving these disappointments inside me hoping they will disappear. (They don’t disappear, rather they fester complaining and discontentment.)


The raw emotions are there. They need dealt with.


Not dealing with emotions, our health, or our finances is like running an errand in the dead of winter with no coat and no shoes. 


Friend, let’s take the time to deal with it. For our own benefit, yes somewhat. . . but even more, to get us to a place where WE can be prepared to help our family and friends

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