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Everyday Worship


True Worship is not just something that happens on Sunday or at church. (Which is a good thing COVID-19?) True worship is not just something you do. It isn’t how you look. It isn’t the list you check off.


True worship is found through relationship with Jesus. True worship is something that happens inside us. It’s internal. It’s a way of life.

When we begin to see every moment of every day as an opportunity to worship Jesus, it changes us. The everyday… doing dishes, changing diapers, grading papers, sweeping, sharing a kind word, or giving a hug. Every single action we do, if we do it for Jesus, is worship. .

The change that occurs when we begin to view everything we do as worship is fantastic. Simply fantastic.


I wrote this study to give you (and me) that new perspective on worship!

In this study we dig into:
What is worship?
What is worship NOT?
Examples of everyday worshippers in the Old Testament
Examples of everyday worshippers in the New Testament
Jesus’ words about worship
Ways to worship
Offering ourselves as a living sacrifice

Get a copy on Amazon. (Or if you are local, I have copies)

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