Looking Back & Looking Forward


Last year after prayer and time spent alone with God – I came up with the following goals…

Post from the blog last January “. . .  I would like to share some of my goals for the blog with you.  When I get past this setting up and learning my way around the new website under control; I plan to start posting two days a week.  I also have a short Ebook I’m working on to give away for FREE to my great subscribers.  I’m also working on a Bible Study and started to write for a small newsletter. . .”

Little did I know… That posting two days most weeks, minus taking the summer off… Did happen for the most part.

I didn’t just write one short ebook… I wrote a real live book!   But the Fruit of the Spirit is  We even included beautiful watercolor artwork and offered printed copies!  Then I wrote a short ebook, Women of the Christmas Story. This is also on Amazon for Kindle.  Last of all, I compiled a second short ebook (Quiet Time Tips for Busy Girls).

I was working on a Bible study… BUT God had other plans with that.  Instead of one little Bible study on salvation… It became a whole Bible study website!  (In a matter of 3 days, the website was up!)  In the first year of GIGW we did 8 studies!  God loves you, Wisdom, Fruit of the Spirit, Psalm 27, James, Women of the Christmas Story, For our Nation and the Epistles of John.  The GIGW website grew from nothing to many subscribers in the past year!

I continued to write for a small newsletter- four editions of it.

Near the end of last year, I prepared a guest post for the Unlikely Homeschooler and it posted January 4th.  I was invited to write for a daily devotional that Rachael Carman is putting together, writing once a month for that.

I met new people… fellow creators of art, clothing, and words.

Another big God thing that I really had NO idea would happen is the women’s conference.  It was planned in a matter of 2 weeks… There were almost 30 people there and we had 3 speakers. It was kind of a trial run…

Then we had a second one… This brought a lot of work and a lot of stress. Looking back I have NO idea how we made it through.  Really, how did it all come together?  How?  I still can’t fathom it.  Everyone worked together so, so well.  The speakers were amazing. The singing was perfect.  The stories were great.  The weather was amazing.  How did it all work out so well?

Looking back … I can just say it was GOD!  There is just NO other way this all would have all got done without Him.  I am only one person and I KNOW I did not do it all alone.  There is only one explanation, GOD wanted it to happen.

A New Year 

{First, I ought to explain, my new year starts on my birthday, March 1st…i”m not really as behind as it may seem} lol 😉 

As I look forward to another year. . . I have no idea what jobs He will place in my lap this year… I can only listen to what He has placed on my heart.

And this is what He’s been whispering to my heart…  Last year was a year to build up.  This year is a year for maintaining what’s been started.

I picture this to be a slow process — kind of like the drywall stage!  The house is built rather quickly and then the workers move to the inside.. From all appearances work seemingly slows down, yet on the inside, detailed work is happening.  Dry walling the house He has put up.

So the past few weeks I’ve been praying about what is this process of maintaining is supposed to look like. I think He has placed 3 things on my focus list.  And the rest I need to let others do.

The 3 things-

  • Writing & intentionally learning how to write better
  • Continue creating the GIGW Bible Studies/Reading plans
  • Continue working with the speakers at the conference

SO that means there are some things that need to get off my list…

So what is my plan this year?

First getting jobs off my plate… Delegating, hiring and quitting 😉

This is a leap of faith, but to start with, I’ve hired a team member!  This girl has been doing the GIGW social media for a while; now I’ve added more jobs.  She will be the gal creating the reading plan documents, creating the pictures, and posting on the GIGW website.  I’m excited, relieved, and thankful!

Last year, in my personal life, many things got let go; for the sake of building the ministry you see.   This year I also have some personal goals;  getting refocused on learning to do life with my people more fully, maintaining/fixing my health, and embracing the imperfect.

Writing may look a little slower this year from your view. I’ll be writing for the Rooted at the Throne Devotionals each month… and for Titus2newsletters.  Now that Christmas is over and I’m officially starting my new year {lol}; posts will show up here more!

I have to admit I am a book creator… I have so many books in my head… and so many outlines on paper; however, this year doesn’t seem like a book writing year.  Rather I’m dedicating to learning and practicing the craft of writing.

So here goes… Learning Little Lessons is my place to practice, my place to test topics, and my place to ask for your feedback. So if you are along for the ride, great! 

And welcome 2017, it’s time to get started!

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