Leaving a Legacy for Our Children

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On the podcast today I am chatting with Ruth Adams. Ruth shares five ways to leave a legacy for our children.
* pointing them back to the Gospel
* having a Word-Saturated home
* using intentional discipleship
* becoming a prayerful family
* adding singing into the day
Ruth shares tips for doing these things during the every day routines. And she shares the “why” behind leaving a legacy for our children.

Go give the episode a listen anywhere podcasts are played ?

And then, be sure to conneect with Ruth! You can find her at her website http://legacyhomeschoolreflections.com/ where she writes and podcasts. You can find her book, Legacy also on her website or on amazon. Ruth has a podcast called Legacy Homeschool Reflections Podcast. Follow her on Instagram @heartathome24

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