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I love reading Heather Holleman’s books. Everything she writes is vivid! (My favorite of her books is “Seated”) This brand new book, Sent is one that she wrote with her hubby, Ashley.

My biggest take away is odd I’m sure, but it’s a question I plan to start asking those around me “What do you wish people would ask you about?” I have some things that when people ask make me feel loved, seen, and cared for. So this is an epic question. I can’t wait to start hearing answers to this.


Getting back to the book, it is an excellent book on sharing the Gospel, in your everyday life. With the people right in front of you.

Heather and Ashley have been living a sent life for years, and share many stories inside the pages of this book. (My favorite is “It will be quiet on the line, I’m still here. I’m still working)

You should check it out!


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  1. Hi Trudie! I love the look of your website – fresh, clean, light and bright! Did you take Heather’s class last year through Compel? Her vivid verbs changed my writing. I look forward to reading more posts here!

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