Hey, I’m Trudie!

I’m Trudie; Worshiper of God, wife, mommy, homeschooler, and writer.   Over 15 years ago or so, I married my high school sweetheart, Ethan.  We have 4 girls, whom I homeschool.

Yes, Ethan is a bit outnumbered. And feels it most days. Lol. As a family, we love camping, helping others, and trying new foods together.

They are a little small in this picture, but it’s still one of my favorites. Now they are responsible, (mostly) and a lot of fun! (Don’t let anyone tell you teens aren’t fun!)  

I am an introvert. INFJ fits me to the T. I feel most alive when I’m writing. A coffee shop surrounded by people I don’t have to talk to, with my Bible, a salted Carmel Hot Cocoa, and my journal is one of my favorite places to be.

I never would have thought I was the cheerleader type — but I really enjoy cheering people on. Ethan, my girls, and my friends. I love coming alongside them and helping them take another step closer to who God made them to be! I love helping them to try the next thing.

Where you can find me!

Hey! I’m a Instagram girl. I do auto post to my facebook page but mostly Instagram is where you can find me. On social media I share books I love, Bible stories that come alive, and Little Lessons I learn. 

A Bit of My Story

Most of my life I walked around living a lie. Someone would ask me what I thought or asked me if I could do something. I would answer them exactly what they wanted to hear. I became a pro at reading what other people wanted.

People pleasing. At it’s finest.  

I wouldn’t have admitted it outloud but I lived thinking lies about salvation, too. The FREE gift of Jesus wasn’t enough. If people were pleased. If people were impressed with me… that counted toward getting into Heaven too, right?  I set about following all the rules. Believing THAT is what would get me to Heaven. Doing all the things that looked the part. Trying to be exactly who I thought others wanted me to be. Placing my faith in the things I DID and how I looked, rather than Jesus. 

I tried so hard to measure up to everyone’s expectations but inside I was dying.

 Ugh, tell me I’m not the only one.

I finally hit rock bottom. And at the bottom I realized, though I would told you I’ve been a Christian since I was 18, I didn’t have a relationship with Jesus. I was in a place of deep bitterness and unforgivness. Many months of counseling, learning to forgive, learning how to deal with bitterness, triggers, and boundaries led me to find a real relationship with Jesus.

I found Jesus.

I started to really learn about what He wanted for me, not just believing that pleasing people and doing good things was going to save me. 

I couldn’t learn enough. (This is when I started TAPing my Bible Study). The Bible became alive in a whole new way! No longer was I just reading to check it off the imaginary “I’m doing everything right list”,  I read because I wanted to. 

I got to know Jesus, like really knew Him.

That is when the dream to write came back into my life. I started journaling. One time started a blog under a pen name… I only showed that blog to three people. The topics I wrote about were too raw. Too fresh. And I hadn’t healed completely. 

In 2015, I started a blog called Learning Little Lessons. I actually told people about this spot on the web.

I never could have imagined how well suited the name “Learning Little Lessons” was going to be. I am always just learning a little thing. One little step, one little lesson at a time.

That brings me up to today. That is why this website exists. That is why I write, that’s why we host Bible Studies and Book Clubs . . . I want to help you get to know Jesus too. I want you to know this is not just about following a religion, but finding a real relationship with Jesus. ?Trudie

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