Homemaker’s Friend Daily Planner


So many people I know have “their” planner. You know, the favorite one that they’ve been using year after year. This one is mine. I have used it… well I can see three of them from my desk right now. LOL


The planner has a year view, monthly view and weekly. I used the one page year view for planning the weeks we homeschool, and tracking my monthly cycle, monthly migraine etc. . .


I use the monthly to pencil in the work overview and themes. And the weekly for everything. Everything from menus, to do to list, to appointments, to budget notes, etcIn the back there is enough space to write the Christmas gift lists, the subjects/curriculum / credits earned for our homeschool. Place to track the ti I clock for wok… all the things.


If you don’t have a planner, check this one out. It’s pretty, practical, and simple all at the same time.

— Homemakers Friend Daily Planner —

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