For Our Nation | 2 week study

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What is our duty to our Nation?  Well for starters…prayers, respect, pay our taxes…more prayers. The Bible has a lot to say about what our duty is to our nation.
This is a study focused on the government leaders and our role towards them.  As with anything, it may apply to other areas of life too.
We will read verses about God putting the leadership up, verses about praying for them, honoring them, and paying taxes.   Lastly, we will read a story of an evil leader that heard good things about the Christians in his land. And that my friend is the goal, that the leader will see Christ living inside and among his people.
This is a really good, practical and simple study for children to do right along side you!


When you purchase the 2 week Study on the topic of Our Nation you will receive a downloadable PDF that includes:
  • A reading plan on the topic of Our Nation
  • A journal laid out using the TAP method
  • A kids journal to use with your children
With this study tool bundle, for 2 weeks you will explore what our duty is for our nation!! You can go basic and simply use the reading plan to guide you through reading daily verses. If you want to dive deeper you can cross reference, look up word definitions, and use the included journal to write down the verse of the day, how you can apply it in your life, and then finish with a prayer.
This topical reading plan and journal is perfect for getting anyone, busy or not, into and thirsty for the Word of God!

1 review for For Our Nation | 2 week study

  1. Doreen

    This study was so timely and so needed with the election and the mess our country is in ..ALL the answers are found in the bible. If only our leaders would use the bible as their guidebook. Thankful for this study and God’s directions that never change.

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