Joy in Jesus | 4 week study


Joy is not something that comes from looking around at our circumstances, or happenings. Joy is something deeper than what we are going thru during each season. Joy in Jesus is lasting. Joy in Jesus is full.
Some topics will we dive into during this study are:
  • Jesus brings joy
  • What is Joy?
  • Joy in our life today
  • Joy even during trials


When you purchase the 4 week Study that takes us into the topic of Joy you will receive a downloadable PDF that includes:
  • A reading plan guiding you in the topic of Joy in Jesus with a Christmas theme
  • A journal laid out using the TAP method
  • A kids journal to use with your children
With this study tool bundle, for 4 weeks you will explore the topic of joy in Jesus!! You can go basic and simply use the reading plan to guide you through reading daily verses. If you want to dive deeper you can cross reference, look up word definitions, and use the included journal to write down the verse of the day, how you can apply it in your life, and then finish with a prayer.
This topical reading plan and journal is perfect for getting anyone, busy or not, into and thirsty for the Word of God!


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