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  • *Rescue; daily devotional


    Rescue; a Homeschool Mom’s Devotional.

    No matter what kind of homeschooling you are doing this year… pandemic schooling, homeschooling, or a little of both you will need a rescue — here is a little devotional book that I created to point you to the homeschool mom’s rescue — Jesus. 
  • Fruit of the Spirit is…


    This book is designed to be a practical and simple add-on for anyone studying the Fruit of the Spirit.  It goes thru each of the Fruits giving answers directly from the Bible.  The book answers the following questions:

    • Who are some people in the Bible that exhibit this fruit?
    • What is the meaning of the word used to describe the fruit?
    • Why do we want to have this fruit in our life?
    • How does this fruit look in everyday life?

    This printed copy is a soft-back, professionally bound book.  It includes watercolor illustrations with each chapter. The artwork is done by Jenna at like pearls on a string. And it is gorgeous! 


    Find the EBOOK DIGITAL version of this book here.

  • Heart Happy By Tricia Goyer


    A soft-cover copy of the book by Heart Happy. Grab a copy, so you can join us for our Winter Book Club in January 2023!!

  • Miracles Still Happen

    Miracles are all around us, do we have the eyes to see them?
    This collection of stories has been lovingly written by Diane Indermuhle, Larisa Maibach, Susan Maibach, Mariam Olugbemird, Trudie Schar, and Casey Wenninger. Their stories will inspire you to be in awe of the miracles all around us! God is at work in our lives!
    Grab a copy for yourself or one for a friend!
  • TAP Journal

    Our relationship with Jesus is the most important thing we can invest our time in. Often though, other things get in the way. . . Motherhood, jobs, busyness, noise. Lots of noise.  Sometimes it is hard to take the time to get into the Bible.
    The TAP method was created to help us focus our time in the Word despite being the craziness of life. It is designed so busy women can read just a couple verses each day, write down one verse, then let it soak in, really soak in. Just this little start, can deepen our relationship with Jesus.  The prayer for the TAP method is that the Bible can come alive for us all! I pray that with this study method our thirst can grow for the Word of God despite life.
    While all our reading plans come with a PDF journal, this physical journal was born out of a need to have everything in one place and organized!  The TAP method is now in an organized and portable fashion!
  • The Best Yes Book by Lysa Terkeurst


    A soft cover copy of the book by Lysa Terkeurst. Grab a copy, so you can join us for the first ever GIGW Book Club starting on November 1st!!

  • Trusting God in Tough Times

    The truth is, life can be tough at times. It can be easy to feel like we are going through hard times alone. This beautiful book is filled with ten stories of God’s faithfulness through a variety of circumstances.  Read these women’s stories of how God helped them and be encouraged that God is helping you as well.
    This collection of stories has been lovingly written by Becky Bauman, Amanda (Murray) Gasser, Deb Gasser, Heather Katanic, Friends & Family of Tanner Klotzle, Larisa Maibach, Marsha Maibach, Crystal Pelfrey, Laura Rufener, and Michelle Stoller.
    Grab a copy for yourself or one for a friend!
  • Why Her Book By Nicki Koziarz


    A soft cover copy of the book by Nicki Koziarz. Grab a copy, so you can join us for our Summer Book Club August 2022!!

    Use code “whyher” at checkout for free shipping!

  • Women of the Christmas Story


    This book is a short retelling of eight precious women’s stories. Each of these women are included in the genealogy or surrounding Jesus’ birth; hence Women of the Christmas Story.

    Tamar, Rahab, Ruth, Bathsheba, Elizabeth, Mary, and Anna… God took each of these women through something different — they had trials and hard things yet, God had a plan for it ALL.

    God hand-picked these women and wrote their stories to give us hope.

    Just like God hand-picks us and writes our stories.

    My prayer for the book is that you will see the hope that is in your broken life and find the Hope that Jesus wants to breathe into your story.