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Have you ever been that girl? Looking at someone and thinking.. why her and why NOT me?

Me too, me too.

I had a friend once, everything was rosey. Everything was perfect. Her job was bustling, her kids were perfect, her instagram followers engaged and growing. I could not stand it. Everything about her life was perfect. To top it off, I could see my life, and it wasn’t perfect. This ate at me daily. Daily.

I finally came to the conclusion — she had it all together because she doesn’t homeschool her kids.

And then she started homeschooling. And she rocked it.

I had nothing left. But a “Why Her?” Why could she manage all that I was trying to do but she rocked it so well? How could she manage all that she was and everything be so perfect?

In the middle of this way-too-long-struggle I read the book “Why Her” by Nicki Koziarz.

Wow!  It was just what I needed.

Satan was having a HAYDAY with my mind. Jealousy, comparing, and coming up short had been a part of my everyday. Why Her helped me sort out the truth from the lies. And see my sin for what it was, SIN, and what it was doing to me.

Have you ever been that girl? Looking at someone and thinking…why her?

  • Her house is so pretty, why is mine always such a mess?
  • How can she afford to drive that kind of car?
  • How does she keep it all together and do everything gracefully?
  • How come her side hustle grows and mine is not?
  • Why is her instagram is perfect, look how many followers, look how perfect her kids pictures are, their homeschool is so creative…

Why Her? Why her and why NOT me?

If you have ever been there. . . I have the perfect thing for you!

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Do you struggle knowing how to study the Bible? Do you wish there was something laid out for you that takes the work out of trying to figure out what to study next? Do you want direction to your quiet time so you don’t waste time wondering what to read, or aimlessly opening up and not really grasping what you are reading? Are you busy, but crave to dive deep into God’s Word? This reading plan is perfect for you!!

Our Bible studies are perfect for you! We have two options:

Reading plans:

These reading plans are designed to help you get into the Bible without taking away from your own personal thoughts and meditation. Each day there are verses listed to read with one additional verse to write down for the Truth in “TAP”. You simply look up and read the verses listed for the day then follow the TAP method for your meditation time. This is not a guided Bible study with questions, it is a reading plan to guide you through the Word on specific topics.

When you purchase the Reading Plan you will receive a downloadable PDF that includes:

  • A reading plan guiding you in scripture on the topic


Book Club Packet:

This option includes everything that the basic reading plan covers, but will include the places to read in the book.

When you purchase the Book Club Packet you will receive a downloadable PDF that includes:

  • The Bible Reading Plan
  • The Book Reading Schedule
  • Weekly Reflection Questions
  • Quote for the Week


**This is for personal use only. If a friend would like a copy, please direct them to hellojesusco.com to purchase their own!**

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