Women of the Christmas Story | 4 week study


This four week study digs into stories of eight precious women. Each of these women are connected to the Birth of our Lord and Savior.
Their stories are SO amazing.  God took each of these women through something different — they had trials and hard things yet, God had a plan for it ALL.  God hand-picked these women and wrote their stories to give us hope.
Hope that no matter what our broken life looks like, He can turn us into a Instrument of Hope.
This study reminds us that God hand-picks us, and writes our stories.
There is a physical as well as a digital book as an additional resource for this study.
**Note this may not be a good study for younger girls.


These reading plans are designed to help you get into the Bible without taking away from your own personal thoughts and meditation. Each day there are verses listed to read with one additional verse to write down for the Truth in “TAP”. You simply look up and read the verses listed for the day then follow the TAP method for your meditation time. This is not a guided Bible study with questions, it is a reading plan to guide you through the Word on specific topics.
When you purchase the 4 week Study on The Women of the Christmas Story you will receive a downloadable PDF that includes:
  • A reading plan on the topic of Women of The Christmas Story
  • An extra reading plan that includes which pages to read in the ebook.
  • A journal laid out using the TAP method


With this study tool bundle, for 4 weeks you will explore Women vital to the Christmas Story!! You can go basic and simply use the reading plan to guide you through reading daily verses. If you want to dive deeper you can cross reference, look up word definitions, and use the included journal to write down the verse of the day, how you can apply it in your life, and then finish with a prayer.
This topical reading plan and journal is perfect for getting anyone, busy or not, into and thirsty for the Word of God!


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