God Gets the Credit

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I can’t do this myself.
I am beyond my strength.
I don’t know the answers.
It all looks too big.  Doing the housework, doing the meals, doing the laundry.  Doing the bookwork for the house, the bookwork for the business.  Baking the bread.  Paying the bills.  Doing the shopping. Doing paperwork to get the food trailer certified.  Redoing all the work that we lost when our hard drive crashed this weekend. 🙁 Starting homeschool with the girls. Being a wife and friend to my hubby.   Raising these four girls, each with a completely different set of needs.


That might be the biggest question right now.
I don’t know how to help them each in the personality they come with.
One is a busy brain, always looking ahead to the next thing, very focused, very driven, very busy.  A microwave, fast and always ahead of the game.
Another one is a happy gal, loves music, loves to sing.  She needs lots of sleep, worries, and does most things slow and careful.  A crockpot, slow and steady.
Another is a tender heart, still trying to learn how to obey and listen.  A lover of cheesy noodles.  She is a pressure cooker, her emotions build up then all spill out, happy laughter or big tears.
Then there’s number four, very happy, and super busy! She climbs things.  She moves chairs over to the counters and get things outside of the cupboards.  She opens drawers and climbs them to get everyone else’s toothbrushes.  She feeds on the brown sugar container.  She spills things, she stands on the kitchen island. Super busy!!!  I can’t even tell you the many things she does, over and over and over again.  A popcorn popper, never know when or where she’s going to pop, but I can always tell where she has been.
How do I train each one those girls, with their talents and challenges and still have energy enough to get the rest of the work done??
I am so overwhelmed.
I am desperate for answers.
I feel stretched to the end of my rope.
I do not know how I will get thru the days ahead.
What about you?
What is on your list in life right now?
Can you do this life by yourself?
Do you feel overwhelmed?
Do you feel like you are stretched to the max?
Are you at the end of your rope?
Guess what!?

He works in amazing ways when we feel desperate.  When we feel desperate, when we don’t have any answers, when we don’t think we can even make it thru another week, another day;  We need to run to Him!   We need to run to Him, and BEG Him for the answers.  We need to plead for Him to get us thru just one more day.  Plead for Him to show us the way. Plead for Him to take over our life!

And guess what happens?
He comes in our life, and takes over.  And when He is in control; He gets the credit for our success.
I suddenly find patience to teach the ‘Microwave Gal’ that we can’t always have everything right away and to stay focused rather than jumping ahead.
I find a voice in my head telling me to ask my ‘Crockpot Gal’ what would help make school more pleasant experience for her (and motivate her to do her math rather than hanging out in her bed)
I find myself with a gentler response to the ‘Pressure Cooker Gal’.  And her steam doesn’t exploded quite so high.
I find strength to put my foot down to the popcorn popper and she only makes 175 messes in one morning instead of 575 disaster messes.  (This one is going to take some time!!!!  Ahhhh, I am still desperate!)
When I am doing life on my own, and life is going smoothly;
it just goes.
When I am desperate, and I need Him;
He becomes the Hero!
At the end of the day, I look back; I realize there is no way I could have done all that myself.  I realize I did not do it alone.  God gets the credit for my smoother day.  God gets the credit for my reactions.  God gets the credit for the way it all went.
Where are you at today? Is there something that you need to turn over to God and His Son Jesus? Is there something you can’t handle alone anymore?  Are you desperate for answers and help?
God wants to help you.  
He wants to come and be your Hero!

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