Quiet My Heart

The news report struck my heart with fear. The post on facebook filled my heart with anger. The email saddened me. Texts in a texting group stirred me up. Even the mailbox held a postcard that caused anxious thoughts. 


All around me the noise was so loud. So loud. 


The words to a song came to my mind… “Quiet my heart I’m listening”


Quiet my heart. 


I’m not sure how your heart has been lately, but wow! My heart has been far from quiet. So much information to digest!  I can’t run from the never ending stream of information. Let alone figure out if the information I hear is true or not. Sigh. 


Add that blast of information to a heart that is processing loss, sorrow, so much fear, so many anxious thoughts… no, my heart is far from quiet. 


My mind goes back to that thought “Quiet my heart I’m listening”.


I AM listening. I’m listening to a lot. I’m listening to the many voices around me. But these many things I’m listening to are not quieting my heart. 


I know this, and I’m sure you do too, but there is just One who quiets my heart. Jesus. When I lean in and listen to Him. Yes, my heart can finally rest in Him. 

That phrase “Quiet my heart I’m listening” is a part of a song that I keep singing in my head. It’s just the only part I can remember, so I dug up the lyrics to the song. And they are spot on. They are exactly the reminders I needed. 


When You speak, confusion fades

Just a word and suddenly I’m not afraid

‘Cause You speak and freedom reigns

There is hope in every single word You say*


Confusion Fades!!  

I’m not afraid.

Freedom Reigns!

There is HOPE!


When sorrows roar and troubles rage

You whisper peace when I don’t have the words to say

I won’t lose hope when storms won’t break

You keep Your word, oh and Your promises will keep me safe.*


Sorrows roar.

Troubles rage.

Jesus whispers peace when we have no words!

I won’t lose hope.

His promises will keep me safe! 


So quiet my heart, I’m listening. It’s my longing, It’s my prayer. 


Do you have some of the same feelings? Do you find a similar noise keeping you from being able to hear Jesus? Does your heart need quieting? 


A couple of practical things I’ve been doing to quiet my heart so that I have empty space for Jesus:

  1. Leave my phone in the kitchen while I do my morning quiet time in the bedroom. (It sets the tone for the whole day)
  2. Writing scripture. As I read each morning I pick out one of the verses I read to write in my journal. (Writing with pencil and paper help solidify the words I read.)
  3. Praying throughout the day. Saying the name of Jesus. He hears big and small things. 
  4. Guarding my heart by watching what I listen to. Instead of facebook comment threads, false news outlets, news outlets with an agenda, a newspaper here or there… rather I try as much as possible to go to the source; live press conferences with no added commentary, the White House twitter, live hearings & briefings, Wikipedia, the person’s direct websites. Skipping the middleman commentary I go directly to the source. 
  5. Looking at the life right in front of me… what can I actually do to make a difference in my small circle. Talk my children through their fears and feelings, support my husband so he can be the man God called him to be, show kindness to my neighbors, lend a hand to my siblings and parents, and text a friend. Any of that can be done apart from what is happening in our country. 


And I keep whispering “Quiet my heart, so I can listen to You, Jesus”


Song quoted is “I’m Listening” by Chris McClarney, Josh Thomas Bronleewe, and Benji Cowart.

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  1. I needed this post today. Ironically, I found it on Facebook after getting all stirred up even more on the once abandoned, newly returned to Facebook. It is all really loud and it is hard to push it out. Thank you for your thoughtful words and for the actionable ideas. I found myself sitting here whispering “Jesus” even as I read your list. So good!

  2. Trudie!
    Your site is fabulous! My fingers did some walking today on our group which led me to your site. Of course, now I have a zillion questions for you. Would you be open to some? If so, let me know what is the best way to communicate. You now have my email.

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