Finding the Subject and the Verb

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The other day I was watching one of my gals do her language worksheet.  She was finding the subject and verb. The sentence went something like this. . . “In art class, we made animal masks.”


That “In art class” part got a little distracting. It really has nothing to do with finding the subject and verb. You go into the sentence thinking it is about art class. But it didn’t say “Art class was great.” Or “Art class started late.” No, the point was WE made animal masks. We was the subject. Made is the verb. 


Those “in art class words” were a distraction from the real purpose. They complimented it, but they were not the whole point. 


I think satan is a bit like this… distracting. He wants to get us off the main point. He wants to get us focused on something that was only meant to compliment it. Or perhaps focused on something that is not even meant to be a part of our life. Maybe it’s just that the little details become our focus … the question of “when” finding the perfect time or “how” what method to take, or “what” decision to make next . . . Distracts us from the real purpose. 


Ugh how about feelings? How many times has fear, worry, discouragement distracted us?  We get so worried it stops us in our tracks. It pushes us to quit. It scares us into not starting. It distracts us from doing God’s will. 


Satan loves to use distraction to get us off course. When we get distracted our eyes leave Jesus. Our mind stops thinking of bringing God glory! We stop physically doing the next step.


And satan has got us. 


I have to admit I’ve been a little distracted lately. I’m not even sure what got me off course. Comparing my journey beside someone else’s. Looking around wondering why I’m doing what I’m doing. Wondering what the next step is. Questioning if the dreams in my heart are really from God, and if so why doesn’t it seem like I’m making any progress. 


I found myself distracted. Distracted trying to sort out answers to all my questions. I want a plan, I want to know the end result. When the questions are bigger than the answers I get distracted.


And satan has me. 


You know maybe I don’t need answers. Maybe I just need to take the one step in front of me. Maybe I just need to find that subject and verb. Maybe I just need to let the rest of the sentence go. Leave the distractions and just do the next thing. 


What is satan trying to distract you with today? Is he trying to add words to that sentence you are working on? Remember you need to JUST find the subject and verb. Ignore the extra words, my friend. Just take the next right step.


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