We have a Winner! And a Free Book for you!


Girls, We have a winner!

Diane, from Smithville, Ohio won the grand prize and she choose a massage. Merry Christmas Diane and enjoy!

Holly, from Latty, Ohio won the Starbucks gift card!  Enjoy, Holly!!


Thank you each for entering and for the great ideas and comments on the site!

You didn’t win, but I’d still like to give you something– a little gift — but something I fell in love with!

It’s a book I wrote titled, Women of the Christmas Story: From a Broken Life to an Instrument of Hope.  These women intrigue me and I would love to share their stories with you!  Their stories shout hope to us as busy women today; a hope that Jesus wants us to find in Him this Christmas Season.

The book is a short 35 page download and I’d love to give you a copy.  Here’s how:  if you haven’t subscribed to my site, do that first.  Subscribers will find the link to download the book on the emails I send to you this week.  Be sure to grab your copy soon because I will take the link down this Saturday, December 10th!

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