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Our relationship with Jesus is the most important thing we can invest our time in. Often though, other things get in the way. . . Motherhood, jobs, busyness, noise. Lots of noise.  Sometimes it is hard to take the time to get into the Bible.
The TAP method was created to help us focus our time in the Word despite being the craziness of life. It is designed so busy women can read just a couple verses each day, write down one verse, then let it soak in, really soak in. Just this little start, can deepen our relationship with Jesus.  The prayer for the TAP method is that the Bible can come alive for us all! I pray that with this study method our thirst can grow for the Word of God despite life.
While all our reading plans come with a PDF journal, this physical journal was born out of a need to have everything in one place and organized!  The TAP method is now in an organized and portable fashion!
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The journal has a soft cover, is pocketbook size at 4.25×6.7 inches, 270 pages, and 130 TAP entries.
This TAP Journal works along-side many different methods of getting into God’s Word. It works well when you are:* Following a reading plan on a certain topic or chapter (you can browse past plans here.)* Reading a devotional* Reading through the Bible in a year plans. Read your scheduled amount for the day, then pick a verse or two to journal on.
We have designed this journal to have you write your TAP verse inside the gorgeous frames.  Then turning the page over, you have plenty of room, to add your ‘A’  Acton/Application thoughts about the verse and add your ‘P’ prayer. We also designed an empty table of contents so that you can easily find certain studies or books of the Bible you have read and journaled on.


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