A Perfect Quiet Time Bundle


Do you want to deepen your prayer life and time spent meditating on the Word? Do you want some guidance to help you spend genuine time soaking in the Word? The digital Quiet Time Bundle will give you all the tools you need to have deep meaningful time with Jesus! This bundle will help structure your time with Him while still allowing you the freedom to hear from Him in the way only He can speak to you. The most important thing we can invest our time in is a relationship with Jesus. These tools will help kickstart that time with Him for beginners or those seeking something more, but will also continue to strengthen time spent with Him for women who have been pursuing Him for years!

What is included? (Please note these are all digital downloads only, not a physical product)

  • A Hello Jesus Prayer Journal
  • An Ebook on Finding Time for Quiet time and Time with Jesus
  • A TAP journal to go with any study
  • A Romans 12 reading plan
  • Roman’s 12 Coloring Cards

With all of these, you can either print them and put them in a quiet time binder OR if you are more of a digital person you can fill them out straight from your computer. See below for more descriptions on each Ebook included.

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Hello Jesus Prayer Journal:

This is the digital version of the popular Hello Jesus Prayer journal. This journal will:

  • Help you sort out your prayers so you don’t forget to pray for anything.
  • Help you unburden your mind by the simple act of writing down prayers
  •  Be suited for those who don’t like writing or those who do. You can write long prayers or bullet prayers in this journal
  • Help you draw closer to Jesus through genuine prayer
  • Help you focus your prayers so you wont day dream anymore!

I created this journal out of a need to draw closer to Jesus through prayer. Often I felt that prayer was overwhelming because there was so much to pray for. By writing down my prayers I was able to sort through my thoughts and rest assured I wasn’t forgetting to pray for anyone or anything. Not only does this journal help sort through our thoughts, by writing down our thoughts it is a tangible feeling of they are always being prayed, even when we are not actually mentally praying for them! We can truly unburden our hearts to Jesus through this prayer journal! See the full description of the Hello Jesus prayer journal here. (The digital versions is only 100 pages because the pages are bigger but all the content is the same, there is just less pages).

An Ebook on Finding Time for Quiet time and Time with Jesus:

This 35 page Ebook and journal will walk you through the process of finding deep meaningful time with Jesus despite the chaos of the World. We all know that our time with Christ is the most important part of our day, yet many times it can be hard to live that way. It can be easy to check our time reading and praying off of our spiritual to do list instead of daily desiring to dig into the Word. God doesn’t want us to read and pray out of duty or routine, He wants our hearts. This Ebook will walk you through analyzing any heart issues surrounding our time with Jesus as well as really practical tips to overcome all the barriers that block us from real time with Him. Whether you want to dig deeper in the Word, check out different study methods, or simply want to maintain your diligence in the word and prayer this ebook encourage and help you really dig deep into your time with Him.

A TAP journal to go with any study:

This journal is not the same TAP journal we have in the shop. It is the same format obviously, but not the same layout. It is a 30 page journal with the TAP method laid out. It includes a space for date, what you are currently reading and studying. It then has a space to write your “Truth, Application/Action, and Prayer.” You can read more about the TAP method here.

A Romans 12 reading plan:

This is a past study from Girls in God’s Word. It walks through Romans 12 while also guides you into other scriptures that relate to this beautiful chapter. This reading plan will bring structure and guide you as you open the Word of God everyday. This plan is not a Bible Study, but a reading plan to help you find structure to your time with God.

Roman’s 12 Coloring Cards

These coloring cards have romans 12 scripture written on them as well as a beautiful picture to color. You can use them as memory cards or cards to place around your house to remind you of truth!

***Please note, these are digital products available for download after purchase! You will not receive a physical product. These work well if you want to print them off and store them in a note book OR simply use them on your computer and fill them out digitally to minimize printing paper.


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