Finding Time With Jesus


This 35 page Ebook and journal will walk you through the process of finding deep meaningful time with Jesus despite the chaos of the World. We all know that our time with Christ is the most important part of our day, yet many times it can be hard to live that way. It can be easy to check our time reading and praying off of our spiritual to do list instead of daily desiring to dig into the Word. God doesn’t want us to read and pray out of duty or routine, He wants our hearts. This Ebook will walk you through analyzing any heart issues surrounding our time with Jesus as well as really practical tips to overcome all the barriers that block us from real time with Him. Whether you want to dig deeper in the Word, check out different study methods, or simply want to maintain your diligence in the word and prayer this ebook encourage and help you really dig deep into your time with Him.


This book will:

  • Teach you how to let go of spending time in the Word out of duty by helping you create a personal rhythm of delight.
  • Help you cut through the busyness of life and find time to carve out of your schedule to spend with God daily.
  • Discover how to handle the days you just don’t feel like spending time in God’s word through real life hope applications.
  • Implement practical resources to keep you both accountable and diligent in your time with God.
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Written and designed by a collaboration of Darcy Schock and Trudie Schar


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