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We were each created uniquely by God for a purpose. While this is exciting news, it can become easy to get wrapped up in fear, comparison, and discouragement that creep up alongside our calling. We tend to forget that God didn’t create us because He needed us, but because He delights in us. Our calling is meant to flow freely, not from anxious striving.
In this nine week study we will explore:
  • What the Bible says about who we are and what we were created to do.
  • How to trust God to help us in our callings.
  • How to recognize and rise above the barriers satan throws our way.
  • How our lives hold significance, even when it doesn’t feel like it.
  • How to trust God to balance our lives.
  • How to foster contentment in our circumstances.
  • How to find freedom in faith over fear.
This study not only holds a spot to journal your own response to the daily reading but also a daily in-depth devotional teaching along with questions to dig deep into your heart and personal journey.
The outline:
Week 1: Grounded: Who am I?
Week 2: What is our purpose?
Week 3: Trusting God to use our unique gifts and roles for His glory.
Week 4: Barriers to using our gifts and walking in our calling
Week 5: Am I doing anything that matters? Is my role significance when it feels mundane, meaningless, or unseen?
Week 6: What if I enjoy my work? Should I feel bad to enjoy the work/ministry I am doing?
Week 7: How do I balance it all? Trusting in God’s provision when it feels like more than I can handle.
Week 8: How do I stop worrying when there is so much to worry about? Finding freedom in faith.
Week 9: Fostering contentment in every moment.


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Do you struggle knowing how to study the Bible? Do you wish there was something laid out for you that takes the work out of trying to figure out what to study next? Do you want direction to your quiet time so you don’t waste time wondering what to read, or aimlessly opening up and not really grasping what you are reading? Are you busy, but crave to dive deep into God’s Word? This reading plan is perfect for you!!

Our Bible studies are perfect for you! We have two options:

Reading plans:

These reading plans are designed to help you get into the Bible without taking away from your own personal thoughts and meditation. Each day there are verses listed to read with one additional verse to write down for the Truth in “TAP”. You simply look up and read the verses listed for the day then follow the TAP method for your meditation time. This is not a guided Bible study with questions, it is a reading plan to guide you through the Word on specific topics.

When you purchase the Reading Plan you will receive a downloadable PDF that includes:

  • A reading plan guiding you in scripture on the topic


Reading plan with Indepth Bible Study:

This option includes everything that the basic reading plan covers, but will include in depth thoughts around each days reading as well as questions to make the reading personal and applicable. The indepth study is structured in a way that lets you go through daily reading and complete the TAP journal yourself before diving into additional thoughts and questions. We believe the Bible speaks to each of us personally so we don’t want to take away from how the scripture speaks. However, we also feel it is beneficial to learn from others, so after you have completed your own personal study time, you can dig deeper into the thoughts and questions that make it a complete Bible study.

When you purchase the InDepth Study you will receive a downloadable PDF that includes:

  • An Indepth Study guiding you in scripture, questions to ponder, and a short devotional on the topic


TAP Journal for KIDS:

This includes the Reading plan and a spot for the TAP journaling. This features a fill in the blank for the TAP verses with the TAP verse written in KJV.



Purchase the Physical Copy of the Study on Amazon:



This topical reading plan, journal, or the additional indepth Bible study is perfect for getting anyone, busy or not, into and thirsty for the Word of God!

**This is for personal use only. If a friend would like a copy, please direct them to to purchase their own!**

This was a previous study published on Hello Jesus Co. Website — which has now been integrated with Learning Little Lessons.Com 2021

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