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  • *Rescue; daily devotional


    Rescue; a Homeschool Mom’s Devotional.

    No matter what kind of homeschooling you are doing this year… pandemic schooling, homeschooling, or a little of both you will need a rescue — here is a little devotional book that I created to point you to the homeschool mom’s rescue — Jesus. 
  • A Friendship Study


    What is a Friend? was designed for Trudie’s girls to do a Summer Bible Study with their cousins and friends… this study is perfect for Tween | Teen girls.

    This study is designed to be a four week – 5 day a week study. It includes the following:

    • Reading Plan Bible Verses to Read
    • One Bible Verse to Journal & key in on (TAP verse)
    • A Theme to Think On
    • Two Questions to get the Child thinking
    • One Question to Help them Apply the Lesson for the day
    • Weekly Re-cap page to help the Lessons Stick

    The Study is beautifully designed — One page per study day, giving them a space to write their thoughts right as they learn.

  • A Perfect Quiet Time Bundle


    Do you want to deepen your prayer life and time spent meditating on the Word? Do you want some guidance to help you spend genuine time soaking in the Word? The digital Quiet Time Bundle will give you all the tools you need to have deep meaningful time with Jesus! This bundle will help structure your time with Him while still allowing you the freedom to hear from Him in the way only He can speak to you. The most important thing we can invest our time in is a relationship with Jesus. These tools will help kickstart that time with Him for beginners or those seeking something more, but will also continue to strengthen time spent with Him for women who have been pursuing Him for years!

    What is included? (Please note these are all digital downloads only, not a physical product)

    • A Hello Jesus Prayer Journal
    • An Ebook on Finding Time for Quiet time and Time with Jesus
    • A TAP journal to go with any study
    • A Romans 12 reading plan
    • Roman’s 12 Coloring Cards

    With all of these, you can either print them and put them in a quiet time binder OR if you are more of a digital person you can fill them out straight from your computer. See below for more descriptions on each Ebook included.

  • Beatitudes | 8 week study

    The beatitudes simply go against human nature.
    Half of them are so illogical to our human minds, the other half are just plain hard and unnatural to live out!
    The word Beatitude means happy, blissful, or literally enlarged. This is not a superficial kind of happy. It is not a happy that is based off of whims or the swings of culture. No, it runs deep. It is the deep joy in our soul. It is Spiritual well being and prosperity.
    So how in the world will these paradoxes bring us that deep happy, blissful kind of state in our soul? How do we change our attitudes to reflect the Beatitudes?
    For 8 weeks we will dive into each beatitude to grow our understanding on these beautiful soul nourishing truths. We will explore what being:
    • Poor in spirit
    • Attentive to our sinful nature
    • Meek
    • Hungry and thirsty for righteousness
    • Merciful
    • Pure in heart
    • A peacemaker
    • Willing to suffer for Christ
    really looks like and how to live them out in our daily life.
    As we journey through these hard but beautiful truths I pray our hearts can all grow closer knit to Jesus and our eyes would see clearly the abundant life He has to offer us. I pray we can all take more and more steps in truth, even when it is unnatural.
    Are you ready to make the Beatitudes your attitude?
    The Outline of the Beatitudes:
    Week 1: An awareness of spiritual bankruptcyWeek 2: Grieved and Broken from SinWeek 3: The Mark of a New SpiritWeek 4: Craving God’s RighteousnessWeek 5: Mercifulness: An Attribute to GodWeek 6: Heart Purity, the Vision of GodWeek 7: Calming the storms of life with a Christlike InfluenceWeek 8: Be willing to self sacrifice our wants for the peace and edification of others.




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  • Comfort: Isaiah 40-45 | 6 week study

    Sister, Do you need comfort?
    Where do you run for comfort? Food, Coffee, Facebook, a friend, a novel, Instagram, your phone… chocolate.
    In Isaiah 40, God’s people were in a huge need of comforting. They had just gotten out of a long season of warnings. (Isaiah 1-39) God was warning them they better shape up. He had been telling them they were going to be sent to Babylon because of their sins. And now they were there. Strangers in a foreign land. Away from all their comforts, away from the homes, perhaps even separated from some of their family.
    Has God ever warned you that you were on the wrong path? Has He ever taken you from the comfort of your home, or country, because of a bad decision or choice you’ve made? Has God ever put you in a tough place because of your sin? Warned you. Then gave you your own choice and you made the wrong choice.
    Yes. Me too.
    When we come to the place where we see our self as we are. Miserable.Sinners. We need comfort.
    Just like the Israelites.
    So Sister, lean into these chapters. And realize that you can claim them. You are full of sin. (Me too) And He is full of mercy. Thank God!
  • Confidence in Christ During Suffering | 7 week study

    Suffering. Confidence. Christ. Do those words really fit together?
    We have all been through something hard. Some of us it is a public thing, everyone knows and can pray for us. Some of us, it is a private struggle. A battle of the mind. YET we have all gone thru it.
    So what does Confidence in Christ, during a season of suffering, look like?
    Honestly. I don’t know if I can pick out just one answer.
    I asked some sweet friends, all who have gone through hard things. This gave me pages and pages of verses. WOW! God has a lot written in His Word about suffering!  So we are going to dig in!  I hope and pray you will join us!
  • Empty Girl






  • Epistles of John | 5 week study

    The things John writes in 1st, 2nd, and 3rd John are tough topics.  Tough reminders, tough instructions, YET so good for us!  It is so important for us to tap into these books and learn about loving like Christ!
  • Everyday Worship | 7 week study

    True worship is not just something that happens on Sunday. True worship is not just something you do. It isn’t how you look. It isn’t the list you check off.
    True worship is found through relationship with Jesus. True worship is something that happens inside us. It’s internal. It’s a way of life.
    When we begin to see every moment of every day as an opportunity to worship Jesus, it changes us. The everyday… doing dishes, changing diapers, grading papers, sweeping, sharing a kind word, or giving a hug. Every single action we do, if we do it for Jesus, is worship.
    The change that occurs when we begin to view everything we do as worship is fantastic. Simply fantastic. I believe this study will give you that new perspective on worship!
    Through this study we will be digging into:
    • What is worship?
    • What is worship NOT?
    • Examples of everyday worshippers in the Old Testament
    • Examples of everyday worshippers in the New Testament
    • Jesus’ words about worship
    • Ways to worship
    • Offering ourselves as a living sacrifice
    And we’d love to invite you to dig in with us!


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  • Finding Time With Jesus


    This 35 page Ebook and journal will walk you through the process of finding deep meaningful time with Jesus despite the chaos of the World. We all know that our time with Christ is the most important part of our day, yet many times it can be hard to live that way. It can be easy to check our time reading and praying off of our spiritual to do list instead of daily desiring to dig into the Word. God doesn’t want us to read and pray out of duty or routine, He wants our hearts. This Ebook will walk you through analyzing any heart issues surrounding our time with Jesus as well as really practical tips to overcome all the barriers that block us from real time with Him. Whether you want to dig deeper in the Word, check out different study methods, or simply want to maintain your diligence in the word and prayer this ebook encourage and help you really dig deep into your time with Him.


    This book will:

    • Teach you how to let go of spending time in the Word out of duty by helping you create a personal rhythm of delight.
    • Help you cut through the busyness of life and find time to carve out of your schedule to spend with God daily.
    • Discover how to handle the days you just don’t feel like spending time in God’s word through real life hope applications.
    • Implement practical resources to keep you both accountable and diligent in your time with God.
  • For Our Nation | 2 week study

    What is our duty to our Nation?  Well for starters…prayers, respect, pay our taxes…more prayers. The Bible has a lot to say about what our duty is to our nation.
    This is a study focused on the government leaders and our role towards them.  As with anything, it may apply to other areas of life too.
    We will read verses about God putting the leadership up, verses about praying for them, honoring them, and paying taxes.   Lastly, we will read a story of an evil leader that heard good things about the Christians in his land. And that my friend is the goal, that the leader will see Christ living inside and among his people.
    This is a really good, practical and simple study for children to do right along side you!
  • Fruit of the Spirit | 5 Week Study


    Dig into the Fruit of the Spirit with this five week reading plan.

    Check out the accompanying ebook here.


    Or purchase a hard copy here.