The Old To-Do List


Writing Meeting Schedule In A Diary Planner

I love finding an old To-Do list.  You know that one you find, when you finally clean off your desk or when you finally pick up the white thing sticking out from under a dresser.  Or the one you find stuck in the pile of papers you still have to grade yet.  Ya, that list.


Often on those old lists I find things that I always still have to do.   Start the Laundry.  Clean up the kitchen.  Stuff that has to be done over and over and over.  Really, I only put those on the list to give me something to cross out!  😉  Makes it seem like I’m getting somewhere.


But no, those things aren’t the reasons I love finding an old to-do list. Nope not those things!  The exciting things are those that I even forgot was a big deal.


Things like, ‘Clean out the closet’ and turn it into a hideout, a quiet time spot for mommy. . .    I see that on the list and I think ‘Oh ya! I DID used to have clothes in my closet!  Now I have a beautiful little space for me and God to talk!  What would I do with out that?’  


Things like, ‘Clean the basement’. . .  Now let me explain; there is clean the basement and then there is CLEAN the BASEMENT.  Like really clean the basement.  I see that on the list and I think of the long week that it took to do that.  Whew!  I am glad that is over!


Then I may see ‘Send cookies to the neighbor’ with the sick child; And I realize that the child is no longer sick, no longer in the hospital and I praise God.


I may have written, ‘Take a nap’. Seeing it on my list reminds me of the many hours being awake during that time while my girls were sick.  (Chance is still pretty high that they are not letting me sleep at night and I still need a nap)  Maybe it is getting better now?  😕  Well, maybe not.


The old to-do list might have ‘Call dentist’ written on it.  Reminding me of the tooth issues one of us was having.  It makes me think of that appointment; I’m thankful that it is over; thankful that again, the budget stretched enough to pay for the filling that needed done.


The old to-do list, reminds me of past places I’m glad I’m not in any longer.  It reminds me of past jobs, I am glad are finished.  It reminds me of past hardships, that once again God has seen us and our friends through.  


It gives me reason to look back and praise God for all He has done!


Have you found any old to-do lists lately?  Are you glad to find them?

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