It’s a New Year!!!

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Hi Gals,

I hope you had a great Christmas and a wonderful start to 2016.  With a new year comes new changes, and I have new changes coming to LearningLittleLessons!


First I want to thank you for stopping by at this little corner of the Internet and for joining into the community here.  I appreciate you!

Second, I want to tell you why there hasn’t been many posts; maybe you’ve noticed I got a new website look.  I have a NEW website.  And to be honest, I have A LOT to learn about the new website. A LOT.  So, I’ve been doing work behind the scenes to get it up and running.  I’m learning lots of new words- WordPress, Plugins, Genesis2.2.6, Widgets, Google Analytics and Mail Poet. Whew!  I’ve also been taking a class and been doing lots of training sessions.  Meanwhile,  My list of topics to write about keeps getting longer and longer.  🙂  So hang in there, I hope to have lots of fun new reads for you!

Third,  I would like to share some of my goals for the blog with you.  When I get past this setting up and learning my way around the new website under control; I plan to start posting two days a week.  I also have a short Ebook I’m working on to give away for FREE to my great subscribers.  I’m also working on a Bible Study and started to write for a small newsletter.

SO, lots of exciting things going on here!! I’m glad you joined me on the journey!!  A new year and a new journey ahead of us.  I pray that God will use this blog and my writing to His glory and that you are blessed by it.



P.S.  Leave a comment; let me know, do you like the new website?  Any topics you would like to see here on the site in 2016??  What does 2016 look like for you?




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