The 2016 Ultimate Homemaking Bundle!

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Well, I missed a post this week. I need to be honest with you; with the new study on my Sister-site, Girls in Gods Word starting next Monday, an article due to the publisher tomorrow, a toddler that stopped taking naps, a wedding this past weekend…. ummm, I’ve been a little busy.

However, I hope to have more time to write here again soon!  I have scribbled a lot of post ideas in my notebook this week 🙂

Meanwhile, do any of you love eBooks as much as I do!!  I LOVE them, I have learned so much from eBooks and I own aLOT of them.  One thing I have been doing the past few year is buying the Ulitmate Homemaking Bundle each year.


It is amazing!!  TONS of eBooks and resources all packaged together.  Another reason why I love it so much is because of the price, each year it has been SO reasonable.

NOTE: It is only for sale till Monday, May 2nd, 2016 at 11:59pm EST.

This year is no different.  Well, ya it is different this year, I finally have some people who like to read, to share  this great deal with.  Otherwise, no different. 😉

Its 70 eBooks, 14 printable, 9 eCourses and Audios, and 9 bonuses. The ebooks, printables, and audio courses are worth over $1000! Add the bonuses, and you get a bundle worth about $1300 for just $29.97!

This is crazy exciting this book fan, ME!!   …. Let me show you-


Here are all the books!




Here are the topics included in the bundle!!





















PLUS there are other bonus’ as well!



Ya, me too!  I have really enjoyed these bundles!  I never thought I would have a blog and be able to share this deal with you gals.  Yet, here I am.  Maybe someday I’ll have a eBook in the bundle, now that would be a dream come true!! 🙂   For now I’ll let you enjoy everyone else’s books!

If this bundle interests you and you purchase through one of my links, thank you!  I don’t often have affiliate links here on the blog, but here is one. So thanks!





** this post contains affiliate links**


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