When Homeschooling is Your Mission Field



Jealousy. There is no denying it. I was feeling jealous.

Once again, I was in a conversation that started something like this … “Oh did you hear that Mark and Brenda are moving to plant a small church?”

However this type of conversation starts, it always goes down the same path. Comments like, “God must really have showed them clearly,” or, “Oh wow! That would be hard,” or the famous, “They will be good at that,” or, “We will miss them when they go.”

Yep. These conversations usually leave me wishing God had clearly called me to some special work. It leaves me wishing people would be able to look at me and acknowledge that I have a hard assignment. I wish I left people with thoughts of, “She will be good at that!” or, “She will be perfect for that mission field!” Rather, I’m left with an empty feeling; a fear of being useless.

Do you ever look at what someone else is called to do and wish you were special like them??   …. Today on Unlikely Homeschool I am writing about what God taught me about my homeschool mission field… Hop over and read the full post here


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