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Every day we notice all the little things our people do. We encourage our spouses. We cheer for our little people. Every day we hope that what we do has deep and lasting meaning to those we love. 

We notice.

We clap.

We cheer. 

Yet as moms, what about us? Do we still need a word of encouragement? Do we need someone to clap for us? 

Being a mom is hard work! It’s tempting to lose hope that what we do is of any significance. 

We make it on time to appointments. We carry in all four library bags. We pay the late fees. We call the insurance company. We pay the bills. We pack the lunches. We make supper, well, if cereal is considered supper; we made it. We pick up the milk. We pick up the coats off the floor, again.

And as we tuck the kids into bed with kisses and go out to the finally quiet kitchen, does anyone notice? 

Maybe our children said a thank you throughout the day…maybe not. 

Maybe our husbands notice the house was picked up…maybe he had a rough day and didn’t notice. Maybe a parent stopped in and gave us a compliment…maybe we don’t have parents close. 

There just might be a chance that no one noticed and no one clapped for us moms today. Let’s face it…it just might happen. 

I’m just going to say it out loud… I NEED someone to notice me. 

I need someone to cheer me on! Yet many times, clapping just doesn’t come. 

Searching for clapping 

When I need encouragement, I find myself with one of these two reactions… 

  • I go to others and search for their attention. 
  • I go to God for His Truth. 


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