Years and years ago, I was a night shift nurse… And one night during my walk into the nursing home where I worked, I distinctly remember praying a prayer.  It went something like this, “Lord, show me what it means to be like you.”

I don’t remember if I thought of that prayer again until I walked back out after my long shift; but I do remember the extremely huge lesson I was taught that night.

Jesus took our place

That night I worked with a dear sweet nurse, who was much older than me.  Being a nurse was hard on these older nurses, the new charting methods, the computers, new policies; all of that made it hard for them to adapt.  On this night, that sweet old nurse accidentally popped a narcotic from a pill sheet that was laying on the med cart and handed out her first pill of the night.  A few minutes later as we put the new shipment of narcs away, we realized one was missing.  Together, we realized that she had given it to the wrong patient.  The wrong med, the wrong person, and a narcotic on top of it all.

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