Dear Blog,

Dear Blog,

I have missed you!

I think about you often and wish I had time to post things on you.

I have written several things but just haven’t had time to make the edits and make the pictures for you.

I have been busy… Don’t be jealous but your sister, GirlsinGod’ has taken a lot of the time I used to spend on you…Don’t be mad, it was her 1st Birthday! We had to celebrate!

Not only that but I have had sick girls and a sick husband at times… I went on a cruise that was so amazing… I have not been feeling well and have went to many appointments for that… I have realized I need to catch up on some physical things for my body to help it feel better… I have complied and published a book for some friends (it’s really good!  You will want a copy!) I have organized a women’s conference… I have also been taking some time to make some goals and visions for the new year.

I know, I know, the new year started 3 months ago… I’m just behind!  Technically MY new year starts March 1st… So I’m really not as behind as you think I am.

But dear blog… I am excited to say you will be able to hold more of my writing again soon…Till then hold the fort down for me.

Love, Me.

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