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The topic of practicing humility has been on my heart for a year. Maybe more. What does it look like to be humble?

I used to think it meant to be a farmer. Really, I did. No joke.

I know that is very wrong. A farmer can be a very proud person. Just as any of us non- farmers can be humble.

Let me tell you what I thought farmers, a.k.a. humble people, were. I believed being humble meant staying quiet. Humble meant just blending in. I thought humble was doing what everyone else had always done. Humble meant stuffing any feelings of wanting to stick out. Humble meant doing things the way we had always done them (whether you knew why or not.)

practicing humility

My struggle with this is real.

I am one that likes to stay in the corners and not say much. A year ago God called me to do some drastic things. Me, the little stay-in-the-corner gal. The gal scared stiff of conflict and of going against the grain. Me, scared of rejection and terrified of sticking my neck out in vulnerable places. That was me. Then He called me to do scary things. Things different from anything anyone else around me was doing. It brought up conflict. There were (and still are) people that don’t like what I do. Through it all, He showed me I needed to keep on. He showed me this was my purpose. This is what I was born for.

But, I looked back at what humble meant in my mind; I wasn’t matching it by any stretch of the imagination.

Find out what I learned as I continue the article over at Rachael … Click here.




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