How do I use my Gifts and Talents during the Everyday?

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Do you ever feel like you wish you knew what your gifts, talents, and purpose in life was?  Ever wonder what using those gifts right now was supposed to look like?   Or perhaps you are a busy mom and already have the “purpose” in life… Maybe you feel like washing dishes just isn’t your talent… And wonder why that job could ever be on your task list from God. Or perhaps you need proof that just being that where you are now is really using your gifts and talents!

Perhaps you know your gifts, your talents; yet just can’t quite put your finger on how it is all suppose to come together. How God wants your talents to become something useful for His Kingdom?

I think we all ask our selves these questions from time to time.

There is good reason for this.  Our lives are always changing.  Different seasons. different phases. Different things on our plate.  Sometimes it’s just hard to sort it all out!

A couple years ago I read a book.  Well a couple books, really. They both changed my life in amazing ways. 

The first book was The Best Yes, by Lysa TerKurst. It was so good! If you haven’t read it yet. Read it, you will be glad you did!  One of the biggest, most freeing things I learned from Lysa is that:

Saying YES to something very often means we are saying NO to something else.

Ouch!  Sometimes I say yes to things. Not because I want to do them.  Not because I feel called to do them… but because I felt guilty saying no.  That ‘yes’ prevents me from saying ‘yes’ to the things I really want to do… Or better said, it prevents me from saying ‘Yes’ to the things God really wants me to do. 

Being aware of just that one thing has been a big life changer!

The second book, I read was Restless by Jennie Allen.

Restless: Because You Were Made for More
By Jennie Allen

Restless was full of many things; but my biggest take-a-way was a method I found tucked throughout Jennie’s book.  It was a way to step back and look at my gifts, talents and purposes.  A way to get it all out on paper and pray over it.  It was a way for letting the Holy Spirit bring additional thoughts and ideas and connections to light. I still love and use this method today! 

These two books have helped me learn that God DOES have a special plan for our lives.  God HAS given us special gifts. God puts our gifts and our tasks together.  We are imperfectly PERFECT for our exact calling.  Imperfectly perfect for our exact place and our exact day.

Over on my sister site Girls In God’s Word we have been reading what God’s Word says about gifts.  And it has been amazing!  We are learning

  • who our gifts come from
  • what different talents and gifts there are
  • where we see evidence of the gifts working together
  • when do the gifts work best
  • why do we need to use our gifts
  • And how does this all look in our life.

That question ‘How does it all look in our everyday life?’ is a hard one to answer!  It is such a personal thing and looks so different for each one of us!  Yet it is a question we each should know the answer to.

A couple years ago, I asked myself this question. “How is this suppose to look?”

I was scared. I felt restless.  I felt like there had to be something more. I felt like somehow there had to be a purpose for my life. Yet I couldn’t put my finger on what it was. 

Perhaps you have some of these same thoughts. Perhaps you have these same feelings of restlessness.  Perhaps you have these same questions for your life.

I started learning, reading books, searching the Bible, and journaling. I learned I had permission to dream.  I learned I am allowed to have a purpose. I learned I am suppose to use the gifts He’s given me. I realized, not using them, would only limit what good God could do thru my life.

My Invitation to You

I’d love to share with you some things I’ve learned. In a very practical and simple way I’d love to

  • help you identify some of your “best yeses”
  • inspire you to dream
  • teach you a process of journaling out your gifts,calling, passion, people and places.
  • encourage you to use your gifts in your family
  • give you tools to equip you to dig into God’s word and His will for your life

{{Btw::: I don’t have all the answers!  I want to give you a starting place. The Holy Spirit can then point out connections in your story. He is the only one that can really show you how God wants your story to bring Him glory!}}

So here goes…. I would like to nervously oh I mean, cordially invite you to join me on Tuesday, April 25th, at 8pm, for a Workshop I’m titling “Journaling our Gifts”.

This will be a live event. Live. Online.  Meaning-You register.  I email you a link. At 7:45 pm (or so) you follow the link and you will be connected to the event. I will be giving a workshop.  At the end we will have time to answer some questions.  You will be able to type in questions, and talk among us all.  (you won’t have to talk, only type lol).

I’ll send you home with(oh, you will already be home) lol 😉 let me rephrase that… I will send you links to:

  • a pack of journaling worksheets to use during the workshop
  • access to the GIGW ‘Exploring our Gifts’ study materials
  • tons of practical tips during the workshop

Hopefully some fun moments and memories 🙂

Whose in?  To get started go to the workshop page and sign up to be added to the Workshop Email Group.  Be sure to sign up by noon on April 24th …. So you have have time to check the link, log in, and be ready to go at 8:00.

Questions about how an online workshop works? Leave a comment or contact me here.

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  1. Trudie this sounds wonderful. You are using your gifts! Wish I could attend but I will be at an event with the auxiliary.

  2. I had the opportunity to preview this workshop and recommend it! Ties in so well with our study on spiritual gifts. It’s a practical way to help you sort out your gifts through journaling and prayer. It can help you be more aware of your gifts and the roadblocks you personally face.

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