When the Way is Foggy

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 I’ve been wrestling in my mind. Wrestling over what what step to take next. There is a fog that I can’t seem to get past, or see thru. It covers God’s voice sometimes. Leaving me feeling so alone. And Fear. Yes, so much fear.

I’m realizing alot of this wrestling in my mind, seems to be coming from me being focused on the wrong things. I’m focusing on what other people are doing, instead of what God is calling me to do. I’m focused on what I don’t have instead of the very blessings I have in front of me. I’m comparing my self to what someone else is achieving, rather than doing the work He wants me to achieve.

So today, I’m praying this song, Lord help me. Help me to do what You want me to do. Help me to focus on what it is front of me. Help me to keep my eyes on the jobs You assign me. And take away my fear. 

Maybe you need this song today. Maybe you need this prayer today. A prayer that you can see what God wants for you to do. That you can focus on what is right in front of you and that you can be filled with Faith rather than fear.

Maybe your next step is being kind to a neighbor, calling a friend, starting a big project, praying for someone, taking a moment with your children…. Friends, let’s take the next step, even if the way is foggy.  

****What is the Lord wanting your ‘next step’ to be this week?****


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