The Beginning of Learning the Little Lessons

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A long time ago, God asked me to start this little blog. I didn’t. I was fearful and put it off.

Today, my devotional was speaking of teaching our kids to listen and obey the FIRST time.  It went on to say that it is important for us to teach our children this. As adults, we want our children to be ready to listen and obey God the first time He asks them to do something.



Yes, I want to teach this to my girls.  How can I teach them that, if I’m not doing it myself?

So, here goes!

Let’s talk!!  Is there anything God has been telling you to do?  Is there anything you have been putting off?  Do you find it hard to obey God the first time?  Join in the conversation by leaving a comment below.

May this blog can bless others and glorify Christ.


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